we have featured a wide variety of marijuana seeds that because of their impressive morphological and growth characteristics, produce stunning results when cultivated in an indoor growing environment.  

While these cannabis seeds will still grow well outdoors, like any real star, they achieve top performance when under the bright lights.  

Although It is possible to grow all types of cannabis in a grow room, this selection of cannabis seeds has been specifically picked out because of their unique ability under controlled indoor marijuana growing conditions.

Indoor Marijuana Seeds vs Outdoor Marijuana Seeds

Thanks to increased legality and the surge in usage of both recreational and medical marijuana, indoor cannabis growing has seen a sharp rise in popularity in recent years as a growing number of cannabis consumers turn their hand to growing cannabis and cannabis cultivation.

While growing cannabis outdoors can be fraught with potential complications due to weather and unpredictable climate changes, growing cannabis seeds in an indoor setting ensures that the grower has an entirely stable cannabis cultivation environment, where they can control each element – Light, air, temperature, nutrition, and water.  

As such, at no point in the indoor cultivation process does the grower become dependent on any outside weather or climate conditions as indoor cannabis growing requires the use of powerful artificial lights that allow it to replicate the effect of the sun.

While outdoor marijuana seeds can only be grown in certain conditions, indoor marijuana seeds offer versatility that while not only ensuring consistency of crop but also allows the grower to grow marijuana throughout the entire year. 

Indeed, when done correctly, our indoor marijuana seeds will produce top-shelf quality cannabis plants that are consistently rich in terpenes, cannabinoids including rich CBD strains and high THC level strains.

Choosing the Right Marijuana Seeds for Growing Indoors 

With the cannabis market growing exponentially in recent years, a myriad of choice is now available for both cannabis consumers and cannabis cultivars alike. Thanks to the increased levels of cannabis cultivation in recent years, there are literally hundreds of strain types in our seed bank to suit all preferences and budgets. 

However, like anything in life, having too much choice can sometimes, complicate matters. And in the cannabis world, that level of variety can leave consumers feelings somewhat confused when it comes to choosing the right cannabis seed for them. Understanding which strain types you most enjoy, is, of course, crucial to selecting the right indoor strain.

So what kind of cannabis strain do you enjoy? Are you looking for something to ease the tension of your day? Or something a little more active? Something with a high THC level to get the creative juices flowing? Or are you a medical marijuana user looking to grow medical seeds with a more evenly balanced ratio of THC to CBD?

Whether it be a delightful sativa seed like the legendary Girl Scout Cookies, Amnesia Haze or Jack Herer or potent indica leaning cannabis cup winners like Sour Diesel, White Widow or OG Kush, we´ve got your covered with a wonderful selection of hybrid seeds, indica seeds, and sativa seeds for indoor growing.

Once you´re clear on which kind of cannabis strain you want,  it is crucial to understand the type of space that you have available to grow marijuana. For example, do you have a lot of floor space but a limited ceiling height?  When choosing your seed for indoor cultivation, make sure to check out our guidelines for every marijuana strain which includes details like plant height, flowering period, branch formation etc. 

Finally, your level of cannabis growing experience and time constraints should determine the kind of seed you are looking to grow.

While some of our strain types are ideal seeds for beginners, other strain types require the hand of a more seasoned cannabis growing veteran. In addition, you might want something that has a rapid flowering time, or perhaps, high-yielding cannabis seeds that take a little longer to cultivate. 

Indoor Marijuana Seeds Benefits

The ability to have full control of your plants to monitor any potential pests or diseases is obviously one of the most beneficial aspects of indoor growing. Over a more extended period, having this kind of control ensures a more consistent and reliable crop of high-quality cannabis. 

In addition, when it comes to flowering times, indoor cannabis cultivation is generally faster when compared to outdoor growing. With our indoor seeds, you can expect rapid growth and exceptionally fast flowering times of between 8 and 10 weeks.

Our indoor cannabis seeds section offers a broad spectrum of strains with a short or average flowering time, for those that are looking for those rapid delivery times.  

However, should you prioritize a high yield or potency of product over speed, our seeds for indoor growing with a longer flowering time also ensures these sought after qualities.

Contained within this category of indoor cannabis seeds, we offer regular cannabis seeds, feminized marijuana seeds and autoflowering cannabis seeds, all of which are suitable for indoor marijuana growing.

feminized seeds are becoming an increasingly popular choice with those growing cannabis indoors as they virtually eliminate the possibility of developing male plants.

Whatever your preference, desire or marijuana needs may be, Marijuana Grow Shop has all the bases covered for both growing indoors and outdoor growing with a massive selection of top-shelf cannabis seeds available in our impressively vast seed bank.

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    Fruit Spirit

    Feminized | Medicinal

    Fruit Spirit is a balanced 60% sativa hybrid full of explosive fruity flavours and is one of the easiest strains to grow. She is a distinct phenotype of the legendary White Widow from Amsterdam, so if you want a blast from the past that’s also perfect for beginner growers, Fruit Spirit is the ideal choice. For all those who love smooth, fruity blueberry and red cherry flavours, be prepared to be inspired by Fruit Spirit.

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