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Pink Panties x Girl Scout Cookies

by Concrete Jungle Seeds

In the vast world of cannabis seeds, Sunset Sherbert from Concrete Jungle Seeds is practically a cannabis strain royalty. A descendant of the famed Girl Scout Cookies (CSG),  also known as Sunset is a powerful indica dominant hybrid with a sweet and fruity aroma that has made it a favourite of seed banks across the globe.

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Sunset Sherbert Genetics

This exceptional marijuana seed is the offspring of the legendary Girl Scout Cookies and the scandalously named Pink Panties strain types. Its intoxicating full-body effects and high THC level are inherited from the Girl Scout Cookies strain whose impressive lineage includes the legends and past cannabis cup winners, OG Kush and Durban Poison.

Sunset sherbert is one of those amazing hybrid marijuana strain types that takes the best from both parents. The result is a potent indica dominant hybrid marijuana strain with some truly outstanding genetics in its lineage.

Sunset Sherbert Terpene Profile

The intoxicating aroma and flavour of this cannabis strain is the result of its intriguing terpene profile. Citrus sweet notes that radiate from the buds are attributed to limonene, also present in the Pink Panties parent, while peppery undertones are a telltale sign that caryophyllene is also present in Sunset aka Sunset Sherbert.

This beautiful Sunset also features tantalising berry aromas and a tart, sugary taste that comes from the sweet Girl Scout Cookies in its genetic profile. The playful hits of hops and herbs, however, stem from a terpene commonly found in Eastern medicinal ingredients, humulene.

Sunset Sherbert Effects

This marijuana strain has a high THC level ranging between 18%-24% and exhibits a balance of physical and cerebral effects. 

Buyers of this delightful cannabis seed can look forward to full-body relaxation due to the terpene limonene (shown to increase serotonin and dopamine levels), in addition to a surge in motivation and creativity.

While this hybrid marijuana strain can be enjoyed during the day, like most potent indica strains, its optimum use occurs, as the name suggests, once the sun goes down.

Sunset Sherbert Medical Benefits

Sunset or Sherbet offers some potential as a medicinal strain of cannabis. As an indica-dominant strain with high levels of THC, Sunset Sherbert has offered some assistance for patients treating a lack of appetite.

In addition, the presence of caryophyllene, a known anti-inflammatory would indicate that this powerful hybrid marijuana strain can also be used to treat both chronic pain and inflammation.

How to Grow Sunset Sherbert

This powerful cannabis seed boasts a natural resistance to common mould, which makes it a robust and highly enjoyable plant to cultivate for novices. In this growing guide, we recommend you keep it outdoors in a shaded area with daytime temperatures around 20˚C.

Once fully grown, this popular indica dominant strain has a plant height of 70-200 cm with strong, bushy branches. Growers can also look forward to neon green leaves with buds that are practically smothered in sticky trichomes.

The flowering time for this marijuana seed is about eight weeks at which point you should have a decent yield (around 310 grams per square metre).  Our growing guide for indoors stipulates that it should yield around 400 grams per square metre.