Brand Ambassador

Love growing marijuana? Looking for a cannabis affiliate program? Join our Brand Ambassador program run in collaboration with Guru Seeds.

The Goal

The goal of our Brand Ambassador program is to use the help of like-minded cannabis lovers like you to reach and inspire a larger audience of growers with Guru Seeds.

Where do you come in?

Your job will be to use your online (and offline) social networks to help spread the word about Guru Seeds available via Marijuana Grow Shop.

Are you the right candidate for being a Brand Ambassador?

  • You grow cannabis and would like to test and promote Guru Seeds on social media and you have an engaged audience (1500+ followers) with an interest in growing cannabis
  • Or, you manage a cannabis-related website, social media channel or group with an audience interested in growing cannabis

How does it work?

  • You will receive a unique referral link and coupon code to share with your audience. Any sale made within 60 days of first using your link will earn you commission
  • Your audience will receive 10% discount on Guru Seeds when they use your coupon code

What’s expected?

  • You will be expected to share regular posts about Guru Seeds that encourage your audience to purchase Guru Seeds via your referral link
  • Preferably you will grow Guru Seeds so you can share your experience with your audience

What’s in it for you?

  • You will receive generously discounted Guru Seeds to get you started
  • You will receive 20% commission on Guru Seeds and 10% commission on any other seedbank sold via your referral link
  • Your followers will receive 10% off any purchase

Ready to sign up as a Guru Seeds Brand Ambassador?

Fill in the form below! Please make sure to include the social media channel that you will be using to promote Guru Seeds.