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by Heavyweight Seeds

A grower friendly hybrid from the Heavyweight team that’s designed for easy cultivation, Wipeout Express Auto is an indica dominant, autoflowering strain that’s truly a cannabis growers dream. Offering a rapid flowering time and yielding bumper crops and heavy highs, its effect is fast and will set your mind adrift on an ocean of creative thought, leaving your body blissfully beached for hours at a time.

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Wipeout Express Auto Genetics

A marijuana seed bred with agriculture in mind, the genetics of Wipeout Express Auto cannabis seeds can be traced to three auto-flowering cup winners and kings of the cannabis world; each selected for their impeccable growth credentials.

Afghani auto and Northern Lights Auto – two outstanding indica dominant mother plants – provide the cannabis strain with its resilience and fast-acting physical effects, with the latter further fortifying the plant with stress resistances.

Rounding off the triad, White Widow Auto – a marijuana strain that needs little introduction- lends Wipeout Express Auto its cerebral kick and voracious rate of growth.

Wipeout Express Auto Terpene Profile 

Wipeout Express Auto delights with a sophisticated flavour profile that dances elegantly on the palette. Consumers can expect a refined but balanced concoction of citrus and chemical flavours with a light and fruity aftertaste.

Lacking the pungency of stronger indica strains, Wipeout Express Auto is remarkably light on odour –  a product of its Northern Lights genetics. Nevertheless, sour notes of grapefruit and pineapple can be detected – a product of limonene and myrcene terpenes – along with more dominant accents of diesel and rich cocoa.  

Wipeout Express Auto Effects

As an indica dominant, high THC strain (around 20%), Wipeout Express Auto is a serious heavyweight and hits hard with haymaker highs that’ll redefine your understanding of the term couchlock. Prepare for a cosy hour or two of unscripted relaxation as its numbing effects take control, guiding your body and brain to a realm of total tranquillity.

Best saved for bedtime use, with Wipeout Express Auto the effect is fast and long-lasting and will be most appreciated when consumed alongside an open schedule.

Wipeout Express Auto Medical Benefits

Wipeout Express Auto presents as a promising treatment for sleep disorders such as insomnia; the sedative effects of myrcene helping users drift off into a calming, natural slumber without the need for chemical solutions.  

This therapeutic feature is reinforced by the presence of limonene, which is known for boosting the absorption rate of other terpenes and has shown potential as a mood elevator.

How to grow Wipeout Express Auto

Forming bushy plants standing at around 1m tall, Wipeout Express Auto feminised seeds are an excellent choice for those with limited space and their fantastic genetics make them the perfect starting cannabis strain.   

Ideal for urban indoor cultivation, this marijuana strain´s subtle odour will come as a welcome benefit to people with privacy concerns, while its short flowering time is sure to please growers seeking quick results.

Autoflowering seeds are designed for supreme yields and with Wipeout Express Auto seeds from Heavyweight seeds, harvests are always generous, producing compact, crystal-coated buds wreathed in fiery orange pistils.