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Northern Lights x Deimos

by Rockwell Seeds

Coming at you from sunny Spain, Gimli Auto seeds are a genetic blend of the legendary Northern Lights strain and autoflowering favourite, Deimos. Spanish seed bank Rockwell Seeds offer this balanced cannabis strain in the form of auto feminised seeds which are conveniently easy to grow.

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Gimli Auto Strain Genetics

Gimli auto seeds is an indica-dominant hybrid auto-flowering strain, descending from the legendary lineage of Northern Lights and Deimos DNA genetics. The Northern Lights strain is thought to have originated in Seattle but has been bred in the Netherlands since 1985. Favoured by cultivators for its fast-flowering and resilient character, this indica strain boasts prestigious Afghani and Thai landrace DNA genetics. This hybrid star has gone on to spawn other classic cannabis strains such as Shiva Skunk and Super Silver Haze.

Deimos, the other cannabis strain making up the genetic profile of Gimli Auto, is a cut of Northern Lights too, with added ruderalis genetics which accounts for its autoflowering properties. This indica-dominant delight is a result of several generations of breeding and a real favourite for its spicy, fruity flavours.

Gimli Auto Strain Terpene Profile

Although the terpene profile for Gimli Auto seeds is still being analysed, we can safely assume the presence of certain terpenes by looking at the DNA genetics and parental lineage of the strain. Gimli Auto seems to inherit the presence of caryophyllene from its Northern Lights parent. This spicy component adds a distinctive peppery taste, also commonly found in black pepper and cloves. Limonene adds a burst of lemon freshness to Gimli Auto while myrcene offers a subtle woody musk – a grounding aftertaste after those spicy, citrusy notes.

Gimli Auto Strain Effects

With moderate THC levels reaching 14%, Gimli Auto is not the most potent strain in our vast seed bank. Nevertheless, this autoflowering indica dominant hybrid serves up a pleasant, balanced high, which will be enjoyed by those who prefer to keep things mellow.

Myrcene offers a soothing, body stoned effect which can help to relax muscles and calm the mind. Limonene counterbalances the sedative effects of Gimli Auto with its burst of creative energy and mood-elevating properties, making for an uplifting and energizing, but ultimately relaxing experience.  

Medical Benefits of Gimli Auto Strain

If you suffer from pain and inflammation, Gimli Auto could be the cannabis strain you’re looking for. Ongoing research suggests the cannabinoid THC could have a wide range of medical benefits, including promising pain-relieving potential.

Further to that, this super strain can thank the presence of myrcene and caryophyllene for its analgesic properties, while limonene is known to be therapeutic for those suffering from anxiety and depression.

How to Grow Gimli Auto Strain

Gimli Auto feminised seeds are favoured by beginners and experienced growers alike for its ease of cultivation and small and stealthy stature.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are popular because they do not need timed light cycles during their cultivation, and the plants will automatically begin to flower by themselves, making things a lot easier for growers.

Gimli Auto seeds can be grown indoors and outdoors and produce medium-sized, robust plants reaching from 70 – 110 cm. The reasonably quick flowering time means you will be harvesting this strain in 10 -12 weeks