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White Widow x Critigal +

by Absolute Seeds

A utopia is something so idealised and perfect that it’s believed to be impossible to achieve. Absolute Cannabis Seeds bred its flagship strain Critigal+ with White Widow to create their version of cannabis Utopia – A sativa-leaning hybrid with resin-dense buds makes Utopia a particularly potent, high in THC strain. 

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Utopia Genetics

Utopia might be new to the cannabis scene, but its parental lineage of marijuana strains is all-star quality. Its most famous parent is the multi-time cannabis cup winner White Widow, the Dutch classic bred in the 1990s from Southern Indian and Brazilian landrace strains. The other parent, Critigal+, is a phenotype of Critical Mass, which is a cross of Afghani and Skunk #1.

Absolute Seeds is proud to have worked with La Utopia del Norte to create these uniquely Galician and truly desirable and potentially potent cannabis seeds. In the world of seeds, strain hunters will particularly appreciate the flowering time of this high in THC strain (approaching 20%).

Absolute Seeds has brought all of these DNA genetics together to create a strain that is high in THC with little to no CBD. This balanced hybrid has qualities common to classic sativa hybrids and sativa strains 

Utopia Terpene Profile 

In the vast world of seeds, Utopia is a sweet and spicy aromatic delight that is sure to be popular with cannabis strain hunters. Utopia contains the terpenes limonene and pinene, which are commonly found in the most popular marijuana strains (including sativa strains). They create bright and uplifting flavours of pine, citrus and mint.

Utopia is also plentiful in myrcene and caryophyllene, two commonly found terpenes in many strains of cannabis. Myrcene creates a herbal aroma that is relaxing and helps to reduce stress and anxiety while caryophyllene has a peppery bite when tasting, complementing the energetic effects of limonene and pinene terpenes present in these truly delicious seeds.

Utopia Effects

Utopia cannabis seeds create a powerful and lasting cerebral high that is characteristic of the best sativa hybrids that can lift your mood to euphoric levels. The limonene and pinene terpenes create Utopia’s stimulating effects, inspiring creativity and a more positive outlook. 

Although this is a high THC strain, Utopia’s pinene terpene balances her as a hybrid, meaning no anxious paranoia nor sedating couch-lock. Utopia’s myrcene terpene sweetens the overall effect by creating a sense of calm and relaxation, benefiting those who need a little help winding down at the end of the day.

Medical Benefits of Utopia

Utopia feminised cannabis seeds may help medical marijuana patients feel a slice of its namesake. The potent THC level in Utopia, combined with myrcene and caryophyllene terpenes, makes this strain a leader in relieving chronic aches and pains. The caryophyllene terpene, in particular, is not known for its cerebral effects but is shown to have medical benefits by reducing pain and also helping with digestion.

A balanced hybrid, the limonene and pinene terpenes in these medical seeds can lift mood, helping those who suffer from anxiety and depression. Utopia’s unique mix of cannabinoids and terpenes make it a highly regarded medical marijuana strain that relieves stress and can help to relax its consumers.

How to Grow Utopia Seeds

Growing Utopia cannabis seeds is as ideal as the name suggests – these are easy to grow cannabis seeds (suitable for greenhouse or outdoor cultivation) that have a short flowering time and produce a bountiful yield.

Despite Utopia’s Brazilian landrace heritage, these marijuana seeds grow well in cold-to-temperate climates. While Utopia is disease resistant, it is not completely resistant to mould. As such, try an outdoor harvest if it’s not too humid, otherwise, make sure to keep it cool and dry in a greenhouse.

Utopia does well with SOG and SCROG growing techniques while hydroponic systems can hope to produce over half a kilogram per square metre, and much more during harvest month with a successful outdoor grow. Using a carbon filter is also recommended for these delightfully sweet seeds.

Utopia feminised cannabis seeds grow thick stems with large leaves, making it appear more substantial than its medium size. The flowering time of these potent marijuana seeds occurs rapidly in just 8-10 weeks and produces high to average yields of hard and resinous buds during the harvest month.