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Afghani x Skunk #1

by Guru Seeds

Cheese Original is a popular, award-winning indica-dominant hybrid famed for its pungent bouquet; its hard-hitting, fast-acting highs and how easy it is to cultivate bountiful harvests. Dubbed the ‘stinky socks’ of skunky strains, this Skunk phenotype will leave you in a blissful state of mind whilst locking you to the couch thanks to high levels of THC.

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Cheese Strain Genetics

Cheese Original was first grown by an unknown breeder, somewhere in the rolling English countryside just outside of London in the late 1980s. Cultivated from strains with Afghani and South American heritage and crossed with a unique plant grown from a packet of Sensi Seeds Skunk No.1 (originally created by Sam ‘The Skunkman’), Cheese Original is a indica-dominant hybrid brimming with THC.

Cheese Strain Terpene Profile

Beyond its pungent, skunky, Cheddar cheese musk await more fragrant aromas. Sweet, earthy, woodland tones mingle with subtle notes of thyme and oregano, which contrast pleasantly with Cheese Original’s sharp, sour overtones. Producing thick, creamy draws that linger on your tongue long after the exhale. Cheese Original excites the taste buds with its rich earthy flavour infused with hints of chocolate and lemon.

Cheese Strain Effects

Cheese Original combines indica’s most celebrated characteristic – couch-lock – with sativa’s most popular feeling; euphoria. The high will hit you hard and fast and as a wave of happiness washes over you (which may lead to the giggles), a warm, relaxing sensation will take over your body. Perfect for after a long, hard stressful day or for a long, lazy weekend. To experience Cheese Original’s famous mouthfeel, enjoy the dry herb in a pipe so the terpene infused smoke can stay on your tongue.

How to Grow Cheese Seeds

Cheese Original is an indoor plant that booms in hydroponics, but even in soil or outdoors in a balmy climate with plenty of sun, this strain is easy-to-grow. Even for novices, this hardy and pest resistant variety will develop into tall, thickset plants within 10 weeks. A generous medium-sized yield will come from dense apple-green buds on heavy branches which will need netting and stakes to support them as they grow and mature. However popular and easy it is to grow, Cheese Original is a problematic strain.

Its biggest downfall doubles as its most distinctive feature: that unusual cheesy aroma. So, for new growers with little to no experience of cultivating smelly strains or for those without a decent carbon filter, growing Cheese Original might present some interesting challenges.