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Sponsored Posts Package Details

  • Payment in full required prior to publication
  • We accept PayPal, Bank transfer or Cryptocurrencies. Please request an invoice at [email protected] 
  • We do not sell links to existing articles

Contact [email protected] to arrange publication.

About Marijuana Grow Shop Audience 

Our audience is comprised primarily of Cannabis/Marijuana Growers, medical and recreational cannabis users. Our rates are competitive in this niche. This site is maintained by experienced growers and is a trusted brand in the (medicinal) cannabis industry. 

Sponsored Content

Our main obligation is to our clients. We only publish responsible content that does not make medical claims. 

We do not offer traditional review-style sponsored posts. That type of content just doesn’t appeal to our audience. Our sponsored posts are more like commercials. Sponsored posts contain richly marketed snippets appearing within unique and compelling content. Compelling content is widely shared by our audience bringing traffic and SEO value. 

To reiterate- our sponsored posts perform best when published as information-based articles that include mentions of and links to a specific product or service. We can use your pre-existing content (subject to approval). 

  • For custom photos, the product/ service must be supplied, or you can provide your own photos to include in the post
  • Estimated turnaround time 3 weeks after payment OR after receiving the product/ service 
  • Content is guaranteed to remain active on our site for a minimum of two years.

We DO NOT promote or link to the following: 

  • Products that contain: Chemicals, Alcohol, Food colouring or flavouring.
  • Rehabilitation centres/ rehabilitation counsellors
  • THC detox products
  • Products not in compliance with local laws
  • CBD products must be batch tested and sourced in the US or Europe
  • We will not link to sites promoting gambling or pornography


Articles remain on the front page for a minimum of one week. 


Presently, most of our links are do-follow, but our priorities are staying compliant with FCC and Google regulations. If required sponsored and guest posts may be listed with no-follow backlinks. We cannot guarantee do-follow backlinks. 

Articles include TWO (2) in-text backlinks. Anchor text must be approved. We do not allow anchor text for keywords we target. 

Content will contain links to other posts and pages within our site to leverage healthy SEO. 


All sponsored posts must be labelled as ‘’Sponsored Posts’’ to remain in compliance with the FCC. 

All social media posts must be marked with #ad to remain in FCC compliance. 

Social Media Coverage

Sponsored posts are shared across the following social media channels: 

  • Facebook
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  • Mailings

Articles are shared twice during the 30-days of publication, and once during the second 30-days  following publication. Posts then enter a queue for additional shares at a later date. Additional shares are determined by the performance of the post via an algorithm. 

All social media posts link back to the sponsored post. 

All social media posts must be marked with #ad to remain in FCC compliance. 

Editing and Copyright

Marijuana Grow Shop retains full and final editorial control and retains the copyright of all content created and published for a sponsored post. 

What if?

We’ve never had this happen, but in the event, we were to encounter a product or service that we dislike and are unable to publish a review, your payment will be refunded in full. Products/ services submitted for the review will not be returned or compensated.