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Super Silver Haze x Cheese

by Absolute Seeds

Radical Auto from Absolute Cannabis Seeds is a potent autoflowering strain that stems from a legendary lineage. The cultivar was bred primarily for its fast-growing speed and productivity making these marijuana seeds an ideal option for cultivators.

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Radical Auto Genetics

Radical Auto descends from greatness. Her family tree, like many Absolute cannabis seeds, is abundant with award-winning genetics that have left their mark on the international cannabis community. The cannabis strain inherited half of its genetics from Cheese, an indica-dominant hybrid that was teased out from a particularly aromatic Skunk #1 phenotype Super Silver Haze served as the second parent strain. This sativa-dominant cultivar is known for its electrifying head high and therapeutic action.

Cheese and Super Silver Haze were crossed over several generations to create a stable hybrid with a consistent phenotype. Then thanks to the work of seed banks like Absolute Cannabis Seeds, the progeny was then crossed with a cannabis ruderalis strain to infuse it with the strain trait. The autoflowering strain features a genetics profile of 40% sativa genetics, 30% indica, and 30% ruderalis. With genetics like these, it’s not surprising growers are so eager to get their hands on cannabis seeds from this amazing auto.

Radical Auto Terpene Profile

Radical Auto possesses large, pillar-like colas. These flowers activate the sweet taste buds located on the tip of the tongue. However, these flowers offer a host of diverse undertones.

Caryophyllene is the most dominant terpene within the mix. This aromatic molecule produces subtle flavours of pepper and spice that contrast the sweetness of the strain. Myrcene is the second-most abundant terpenes within these flowers. The molecule contributes an earthy aroma that isn’t dissimilar to the smell of cloves. Finally, limonene adds a citrus zest to the equation. 

Radical Auto Effects

Radical Auto’s flowers produce a THC content of approximately 15%. This level of the psychoactive cannabinoid occupies the middle ground between subtlety and overwhelm.

A bong bowl or vape hit sends a pulse of energy through the brain. Feelings of motivation and creativity arise as increasing levels of THC penetrate the blood-brain barrier and begin latching on to CB1 receptors. Fire up this strain during the day when you require an increase in alertness.

However, Radical Auto doesn’t stimulate to the point of jitters and confusion. The presence of myrcene adds an element of relaxation that takes the edge off and restores balance. High levels of limonene augment these effects and work to quell sensations of overexcitement.

Radical Auto Medical Benefits

Radical Auto boasts an array of molecules that provide therapeutic potential. Her moderate levels of THC and an energetic effect work wonders at combating apathy and lack of motivation. Smoking these flowers in large quantities or rendering them into a high potency extract will provide enough of an effect to combat depression.

High levels of caryophyllene also contribute to the therapeutic efficacy of Radical Auto. This terpene is also classed as a cannabinoid, ranked alongside the likes of THC and CBD. Caryophyllene activates CB2 receptors, sites that are found primarily throughout the immune system. Through this mechanism of action, the molecule helps to vanquish inflammation.

How to Grow Radical Auto

Radical Auto from Absolute Seeds exhibits an indica-like morphology and abides by a bushy growth pattern. Growers can use techniques such as low-stress training to open up the canopy and expose bud sites to increased levels of light. 

Radical Auto grows to vastly different heights depending on the environment. Indoor production typically sees plants maintain a small size and produce a yield of around 80g per plant. In contrast, outdoor crops growing in the elements grow much taller and pump out a harvest of approximately 250g per plant. 

Regardless of the growing environment, you won’t be waiting long for these marijuana seeds to develop into juicy enjoyable buds. Radical Auto’s fast-growing nature means this cannabis strain produces a harvest of trichome-laden colas a mere 70 days after germination. So for those on a tight schedule, it might be time to buy Radical Auto.