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Red Skunk x Hektol

by Positronics

A cup winner several times over, the secret to this strain’s success lies in both its taste and aroma. Not the most potent cannabis seeds, caramel ice, slowly guides you into a calm, cerebral high with a deliciously sweet yet smooth flavour.

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Caramelice Strain Genetics

The experts at the Positronics Seeds provided these truly delicious seeds with some monster DNA genetics. With parentage from the latest super strains Hektol and Red Skunk, Caramelice is a delightful hybrid strain with some seriously juicy notes.

Explicitly bred for rapid flowering time and mould resistance, strain types like this open new doors for skunk growers and strain hunters growing cannabis, as they are versatile enough for both indoor (green house) and outdoor cultivation.

Caramelice Strain Terpene Profile 

Positronics Seeds pride these cannabis seeds on their complex nose, producing plants with an eclectic mix of sweet and earthy. Thanks to DNA genetics from Red Skunk, unsurprisingly, Caramelice smells pretty darn skunky, with musky myrcene responsible for these sweet seeds pungent pong.

The presence of limonene helps sharpen things up a little, balancing out the earthiness of these cannabis seeds with tangy citrus aromas. And with caramel in its name, you’d, of course, expect some sweetness from this cup winner. A flavour and aroma reminiscent of candied fruit is present, hinting to the presence of linalool, a terpene which can help amplify the potential medicinal benefits of cannabis.

Caramelice Strain Effects

The beauty of this strain is that it truly is what you make of it. Hit it lightly, and you can expect a fully functional, peaceful high, sure to get your creative juices flowing. However hit it hard enough, and the myrcene content present in these elite seeds can act as a highly effective sedative, so you won’t have any trouble allowing yourself to sink into the sofa — ideal for strain hunters looking for those famed indica effects of super strains like Northern Lights and White Widow.

Strong and long-lasting, Caramelice is guaranteed to effortlessly melt away stress while giving you that classic skunky buzz we all know and love. Although these strain types are usually recommended for evening use, the relatively low THC content (16%) in these sweet seeds champion them as a great all-rounder, suitable for day or night.   

Medical Benefits Caramelice Strain 

Ideal for issues hinged on stress, the terpene presence of myrcene and limonene make this cup winner interesting medical marijuana, particularly when it comes to helping combat conditions such as anxiety and depression.

And it isn’t just mental health where this strain excels; it’s also highly effective for the management of chronic pain. Patients with ailments such as Crohn’s disease have even cited that using medical marijuana helps to lessen both pain and nausea, which in turn helps coax any previously misplaced hunger out of hiding.

How to Grow Caramelice Seeds

Available as feminised seeds, this strain is a skunk grower’s fantasy. Positronics Seeds purposely bred Caramelice feminised seeds to be mould resistant with a speedy flowering time, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. 

Rewarding and relatively easy to grow, these delightful cannabis seeds can yield up to 400g per m2, more should you keep a watchful eye over ventilation and pH balance. Ready in just ten short weeks of flowering time, huge buds grow in generous tower-shaped clumps, having been dubbed “Tower of Gems” in the world of seeds.

Small, but perfectly formed, caramelice marijuana seeds rarely grow more than a metre in height. After about five weeks into flowering time, these delicious seeds will present a minty garden of green, peppered in sparkling trichomes that kick out a potent skunky stink.

Caramelice feminised seeds thrive best with a little support (preferably in a warm environment) so be sure to give its relatively thin branches a lift. And a tip for all you indoor growers? Get some carbon filters added to your grow kit – You’re going to need them with these truly, top of the class elite seeds. Serious seeds for serious growers.