Are Cannabis Seeds Legal?

Confused about the legality of cannabis seeds? Let us explain...

Cannabis seeds are not illegal according to international law. This is because the UN excluded cannabis seeds from mandatory regulation in the 1961 framework for global drug laws. Instead, it is up to individual countries to apply legal controls on cannabis seeds should they see necessary.

What you need to know

Whether cannabis or cannabis-related products are legal is generally linked to the level of THC they contain. Since ungerminated cannabis seeds do not contain THC, they are often exempt from restrictions. In some cases though, ungerminated cannabis seeds are legal while germinating them is not. If this applies to you, we suggest you preserve those ungerminated seeds until regulations change.

Permits to buy cannabis seeds

Some countries require a permit for buying cannabis seeds. This is to show cannabis seeds are being imported for agricultural, industrial or medicinal uses. Since the green rush is bringing continuous change to cannabis policy, and although we always hope it's change for the better, we do advise that you check with your local authorities about the current laws subject to you.