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Haze Auto

by Absolute Seeds

Created and bred by Absolute Cannabis Seeds, Amazing Auto is an impressively high yielding sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strain, characterised by its intense sweet flavour and penetrating aroma. Amazing Auto marijuana seeds are an autoflowering feminized cannabis strain that is relatively easy to grow both indoors and outdoors and offers stimulating and energising effects.

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Amazing Auto Strain Genetics

Amazing Auto is a hybrid cannabis strain, but its genetic background is something of a mystery at this point. The assumption that is made (based on the euphoric, giggle-inducing high caused by this autoflowering feminized strain) is that there is almost definitely some Haze in the Amazing Auto heritage, while many believe Magnum (recent Cannabis Cup winners) is involved in the lineage. 

There is almost certainly sativa dominance here, based on the relatively fast flowering time, tall plant height, and the fact that Amazing Auto cannabis seeds are fairly easy to grow. 

Amazing Auto Strain Terpene Profile

Again, not a lot is officially known about the terpene profile of these autoflowering marijuana seeds, but the herbal aroma and flavour on the exhale make it clear that myrcene is the predominant terpene found in Amazing Auto.  Not only does myrcene offer potential pain-relief for and anti-stress benefits, but it is also thought to regulate and enhance the effects of other terpenes. 

Caryophyllene is also present in these fast-growing marijuana seeds, creating a spicy addition to the flavour, as well as bringing its own possible pain-relief properties. Caryophyllene is the only terpene that binds to cannabinoid receptors in the same way that cannabinoids like THC do; these receptors help control pain and mood amongst others, providing more potential benefits for this autoflowering strain. 

The intense fruity flavour of Absolute Cannabis Seeds Amazing Auto comes from the presence of the third terpene, limonene which can be used for pain-relief and anti-inflammatory purposes. 

Amazing Auto Strain Effects

With its permeating aroma and unique flavour, Amazing Auto cannabis combines many sweet sensations. This Amazing Auto autoflowering strain has an intense fruitiness that is almost overwhelming, coupled with a stimulating brain effect that may quickly set you off in fits of laughter. 

Amazing Auto has a relatively high THC level (around 16%) which combines with the myrcene and limonene in the terpene profile to create that euphoric feeling this autoflowering marijuana is known for. 

As such, Amazing Auto is a good morning choice, as the energising effects can aid productivity and creativity throughout the day. 

Amazing Auto Strain Medical Benefits

The uplifting feel of Amazing Auto, thanks to its medium-high THC level and terpene profile, aids socialisation, making this an excellent medical cannabis choice for combating anxiety, especially in social situations. 

With caryophyllene, myrcene, limonene all thought to be useful for pain relief, Amazing Auto cannabis also has the potential to act as medical seeds for those with chronic pain conditions.  This combination means this autoflowering cannabis seed could also help the symptoms of various pain-related issues, including migraines and joint pain.

As a result, this amazing autoflowering strain is becoming popular with those looking to grow their own medical cannabis seeds

How to Grow Amazing Auto Seeds

As with most autoflowering cannabis strains, Amazing Auto marijuana seeds are relatively easy to grow indoors as well as outdoors compared to regular seeds, as long as they have plenty hours of light, adequate nutrients and a suitably large container. The seeds grow quite tall, so potential plant height space is a must, especially for those who favour indoor crops.

A relatively easy strain to grow, these autoflowering cannabis seeds are ideal for experienced growers or beginners who are up for a mild challenge. 

The flowering time is relatively fast, with harvesting possible at around the ten-week mark. Amazing Auto autoflowering marijuana is high yielding, so you’ll get a good pay-off for the minimal work you put into growing these cannabis seeds. 

At the end of the grow time, the plants of this fast-growing autoflowering cannabis strain will be covered in dense, resinous and delightfully potent buds.