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Cinderella 99

by Positronics

If you’ve ever eaten Grapefruit, it could be argued that this often bitter fruit is an acquired taste. However, with a sweet citrusy flavour, this easy to grow hybrid strain from Positronics Seeds is touted as a treat for those with a sweet tooth, promising to deliver a calm, creative, cerebral high with a notable absence of lethargy.

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Grapefruit Strain Genetics

This potent sativa strain packs its punch from cannabis strain and old school favourite Cinderella 99 – whose own parentage was allegedly found inside an Amsterdam-purchased Sensi Seeds package of Jack Herer. However, as far as DNA genetics go, the official lineage of this Grapefruit strain remains something of a mystery.

So yes, while we aren’t too sure exactly who Cindy got together with, we have it on good authority it was a sativa strain with fast flowering time, selected for the rich citrusy flavour that gives Positronic Seeds Grapefruit its namesake.

With regards to plant height, Cinderella 99 isn’t the tallest – In this sense, these cannabis seeds are an almost original clone, with this hybrid strain inheriting her short plant height, sporting a thick stem and small branches, her crowning glory a large fiery central bud.

Grapefruit Strain Terpene Profile

These delicious seeds produce an almost tactile aroma is thanks to a triangle of terpenes, shaken together by the Positronics Seeds bank to create a deliciously fruity cocktail, perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

Common in many cannabis seeds, myrcene is the dominating force in Grapefruit cannabis, a terpene responsible for that balsam-esque fragrance found in beer.

Added to the mix we have caryophyllene, another terpene common among the world of seeds, beautifully blending subtle spice with myrcene’s fresh herbal scent. These Grapefruit seeds also contain the lesser-known pinene, whose fresh unsurprisingly pine-esque scent helps this hybrid strain open up the airways and balance out an otherwise overpoweringly fruity flavour.

Grapefruit Strain Effects

In creating Grapefruit cannabis seeds, Positronics Seeds have produced a delightfully potent strain hat the legend himself, Jack Herer would certainly have been proud of.

Grapefruit cannabis is hailed as a happy stress-reliever and with a THC level of 15 -19%, these cannabis seeds are pretty conducive to productivity. Consumers have cited the rewards reaped from Grapefruit seeds as particularly helpful when smoked early doors ahead of a busy day. The yield from these delicious seeds is said to pair particularly well with a good cup of coffee too, thanks to a rich flavour afforded by the expertise of this strains seeds bank.

Grapefruit Strain Medical Benefits

Herbal medicines and myrcene go way back, with this particular terpene having long been lauded as an effective sleep aid. Myrcene’s presence within Grapefruit cannabis seeds affords the consumer a sedative stress-relieving effect, proven to increase relaxation of both mind and muscle, helping rid us of chronic pain, particularly migraines.

The pain-relieving properties of this Grapefruit strain, are further amplified by the presence of caryophyllene, which activates our CB2 receptors helping to reduce inflammation. These CB2 receptors are found in immune tissues throughout the body, and these sweet seeds know just how to seek out any areas of contention. Paired with a comfortable THC level, chronic pain can reduce significantly.

Limonene, although present in relatively small quantities in Grapefruit cannabis, also possesses anti-inflammatory power, giving these delicious seeds the potential to help combat the short term memory impairment associated with a high THC level – there’s a bit of cannabis strain info worth remembering.

How to Grow Grapefruit Strain

Looking for something easy to grow? Look no further. Buy Grapefruit seeds, and you’re pretty much guaranteed a fast flowering, rewarding grow. That said, although these cannabis seeds can be cultivated indoors if you want to get the very best from your batch, you’re going to have to venture into the great outdoors as these delicious seeds prefer an authentically outdoor environment.

Grapefruit seeds produce petite branches, with flowering time occurring at around 8 – 9 weeks, giving rise to striking orange trichomes. A sturdy stem and short plant height makes Grapefruit both sturdy and durable.