Buy Fast & Vast Auto strain seeds

Afghani Auto x Skunk Auto x White Dwarf

by Heavyweight Seeds

Fast and Vast is an indica dominant hybrid, autoflowering strain from Heavyweight Seeds with an impressive genetic profile. This potent, fast-acting, high-yielding cannabis strain comes with flavour and effects you won´t quickly forget

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Fast and Vast Auto Strain Genetics

Heavyweight Seeds created the impressive Fast and Vast Auto by combining award winners Afghani Auto, Skunk Auto, and White Dwarf. With such a collection of famous cup winners in this autoflowering strain’s background, it´s little surprise that this is such a well balanced hybrid strain. 

This high THC strain (around 18%) has inherited a collection of its parent’s qualities and the result is a truly unique auto-flowering cannabis strain. 

Fast and Vast Auto Strain Terpene Profile

While we are still developing the complete terpene profile of the heavyweight Fast and Vast, we can make some reasonable assumptions based on the genetics and flavour that indicate the presence of myrcene which gives this autoflowering cannabis the earthy, herbal flavour that is synonymous with the finest cannabis strains.

Also likely to be present in this Fast and Vast Auto are pinene, which provides more earthiness to the flavour, this time with a piney scent, limonene, which provides the touch of citrus fruits on the inhale, and ocimene, which has a notable minty aroma, combined with a sweet aftertaste on the exhale.

Fast and Vast Auto Strain Effects

As a potent indica-dominator, Fast and Vast Auto is considered ideal for evening usage, or at least one for when you have nothing else to do with your day, as the effects are swift and intense, leaving your couch feeling like the only place you could possibly be for the next hour or two. 

Not necessarily advisable for the newbie, old school cannabis heads will love the relaxing, euphoria tinged sensation that is produced by this potent autoflowering cannabis strain, helping with getting to sleep or just removing some of life’s stresses.

Medical Benefits Fast and Vast Auto Strain 

The combination of ocimene, limonene, and THC present in these auto feminised seeds gives this cannabis strain the potential to provide anti-inflammatory and possibly pain-relieving benefits, which could aid swelling around the joints, and pain and stiffness associated with some mild arthritic conditions, providing relief for associated discomforts, and potentially a little more mobility in the joints. 

Limonene and myrcene, found in this high THC strain, are also said to have anti-stress properties and have been long used in folk medicine circles for this very purpose. Making these potential medical seeds for those suffering from stress or anxiety-related issues

How to Grow Fast and Vast Auto Strain 

This is a high yielding and fast flowering type cannabis strain, especially compared to most autoflower varieties, which often yield less than regular seeds, but this is no ordinary auto. 

When grown indoors, these cannabis seeds grow well, with plants staying reasonably compact and not taking up too much space, the finished plants should be ready in around 7-9 weeks, yielding about 700g/m2 from plants that rarely go above 120cm in height. The sturdy, durable nature of autoflower seeds means these plants don’t need much help and should flower well and provide maximum yields when given 18 hours of continuous light per day. 

Outdoor growers can expect up to 200g per plant from these autoflowering seeds, which should be ready and covered in resinous, shiny buds around September.