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by Rockwell Seeds

Introducing Cannape Auto, a delicious autoflowering strain served up by Spanish seed bank Rockwell Seeds. This rocket-fuelled auto feminised strain is popular for its distinct flavours inherited from its Diesel genetics. With a THC content of up to 17%, this indica-dominant hybrid is popular for its impressive potency (especially for an autoflowering strain), as well as its taste.

If you’re looking for cannabis seeds that are fast-flowering and easy to grow, but not willing to compromise on taste, Cannape Auto cannabis seeds are your ticket to a slice of canna-heaven.

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Cannape Auto Strain Genetics

Cannape Auto cannabis seeds inherit their rich DNA genetics from the cannabis cup winner Diesel and Ruderalis strains, used by seed banks to create the increasingly popular auto-flowering cannabis seeds.

While botanists argue whether cannabis ruderalis is a separate cannabis species or a subspecies, Rockwell Seeds have successfully blended the distinctive genetic profile of sativa-dominant Diesel with the autoflowering strain to deliver these fast-flowering auto feminised seeds.

Cannape Auto Strain Terpene Profile

Cannape Auto feminised seeds inherit a complex display of flavours from their Diesel genetics, and there is no mistaking those petrol station fumes. Terpenes such as terpinolene, linalool and pinene are responsible for that distinctive fuel-like aroma while limonene adds a twist of lemony freshness.

On the exhale you may notice a subtle earthy musk – that’s myrcene, commonly found in plants such as lemongrass, hops and thyme as well as mango fruits.

Cannape Auto Strain Effects

With a high THC content of up to 17%, Cannape Auto offers up a dreamy cerebral high, which is energising and invigorating thanks to the mood-boosting limonene content and will have you buzzing with creativity in no time. Expect an increase in focus and concentration to help you accomplish any daytime task.

That’s not to say that Cannape Auto is not a relaxing autoflowering strain, as the grounding and calming presence of myrcene will help smooth out any aches and pains that can help to thoroughly relax your body.

Medical Benefits of Cannape Auto Strain

If you’re low in spirits, this hybrid strain could be just the answer due to the presence of limonene. Known to elevate mood and relieve stress, limonene is also thought to have powerful pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

This autoflowering cannabis strain can also help with chronic pain as the presence of myrcene, with its analgesic properties, combined with its high THC content renders Cannape Auto a pain-busting powerhouse.

How to Grow Cannape Auto Seeds

In terms of cultivation, Cannape Auto feminised seeds are quick-flowering, convenient and easy to grow. As such, these autoflowering seeds are ideal for first-time growers and you’ll find growing them a walk in the park. The cannabis strain is popular among more experienced growers for its rapid flowering time, large yields and powerful potency.

Cannape Auto feminised cannabis seeds can be grown both indoors and outdoors and produce stocky compact plants which are extremely hardy and adaptable, thanks to its ruderalis genetics.

Autoflowering cannabis is a quick growing strain and the rapid flowering time here means you can savour the resinous buds in as little as 9 weeks.