Cannabis can help to relieve the symptoms of Arthritis by reducing both the inflammation and (chronic) pain that is present in the joints. The inflammation is decreased by the anti-inflammatory properties of the cannabinoids CBD, THC and CBC, who act on the CB-1 and CB- 2 receptors of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and the terpenes pinene, caryophyllene, and humulene. This synergy of cannabinoids and terpenes (the Entourage Effect) also helps to reduce the pain that Arthritis produces. This is mainly due to the pain-relieving properties of

THC, CBD and the terpenes linalool and myrcene. Studies have also shown that CBD has both a protective action on cartilage as well as the ability to stem the progression of Arthritis.

Approximately 350 million people across the globe are currently living with arthritis while there are more than 100 different types of arthritis, with a variety of causes and treatment methods available.

Arthritis is caused by inflammation in the joints. Osteoarthritis is caused by the body’s inability to repair damaged joint tissue; the joints painfully deteriorate as cartilage is worn away and bones rub against each other.

Rheumatoid Arthritis, often a hereditary autoimmune disorder, is caused by a malfunctioning immune system that attacks the joints with unchecked inflammation. These are the two most common forms of arthritis.

However, more and more people are now beginning to consider cannabis as an alternative or additional form of medical treatment for this debilitating condition. 

While people across the world have been using medical cannabis for decades to help relieve the symptoms of arthritis, it is only recently that scientific research has begun to support their usage of cannabis for arthritis.  

Using Cannabis for Arthritis

Research and user testimonials now indicate that medical marijuana is a viable aid to help reduce inflammation, stiffness, and chronic pain experienced by those living with arthritis.

In countries where cannabis plants have been legalized for medical use, medicinal cannabis is being prescribed by an increasing number of healthcare professionals for cases of both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Indeed, research also suggests that cannabis with high CBD content could be particularly beneficial as effective treatments of arthritis. Further research has demonstrated that CBD oils could be particularly effective as a treatment for arthritis. 

From sports stars to famous actors, a growing number of influential and famous celebrities have begun to speak out about the medical value of cannabis and its ability to provide relief from a number of health conditions, including arthritis pain relief. 

Former Star Trek and X Men actor Sir Patrick Stewart is one such celebrity who has sought cannabis relief because of his suffering from arthritis. 

So, exactly how does cannabis help with arthritis pain and inflammation, and what are the most effective cannabis strains for inflammation and pain relief? 

Reducing pain from arthritis with cannabis

Of the many cannabinoids present in marijuana, it is thought that THC and CBD are the most effective when it comes to countering inflammation. In recent years, researchers have discovered an array of cannabinoid receptors in the joint tissue of people living with arthritis. Research now indicates that these receptors are activated by the consumption of cannabis.

The sheer abundance of receptors present in the joints of people with arthritis, along with trials and testimonials, has led researchers to conclude that cannabis could be a real option in helping to reduce pain and inflammation.

The body’s Endocannabinoid System naturally produces compounds that latch onto these receptors to help manage pain. However, in cases of arthritis, our bodies simply aren’t producing enough to reduce inflammation. However, the ingestion of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD allows them to be activated.

Research conducted on animals indicated that cannabinoids have been found to reduce osteoarthritic joint pain, inflammation and nerve damage. Of course, different concoctions of cannabinoids have varying effects. Each strain has a variation in cannabinoids and terpenes, making them effective against various ailments.

Further analysis also suggests that CBD also has both a protective effect on cartilage and the ability to repress the progression of arthritis.

With an increased level of research on cannabis now occurring, the full benefits of cannabis and their cannabinoids are slowly beginning to emerge.

Indeed, further analysis has shown that cannabis is a far safer approach to pain management than pharmaceutical alternatives – such as opioids and other synthetic painkillers.

Best Cannabis Strains for Arthritis

Based on our knowledge of the synergistic effect of cannabis components, and to help you on your way, we have picked out four of the best marijuana strains for treating arthritis.


ACDC is a sativa-dominant phenotype of the high in CBD strain Cannatonic, that boasts a remarkably high CBD to THC ratio

This calming medicinal strain is used to relieve pain and anxiety and is considered an ideal choice for those suffering from arthritis. With as much as 20% CBD (considerably more than the average level of just 0.05 per cent), this medicinal strain is an ideal choice for those looking for cannabis positive medicinal effects.

ACDC also boasts an impressive terpene profile with an abundance of caryophyllene, myrcene, linalool, pinene and limonene present which work together to help reduce joint pain and inflammation and give this strain its earthy yet fruity flavour.

Recreational users should give this strain a miss though with a THC content averaging at less than 6% it is unlikely to offer much in the way of psychoactive effects.


Cannatonic CBD is a cross between MK Ultra and G13 Haze. The indica-leaning genetics of MK Ultra contribute to the calming effect of this strain.  The Sativa side of its G13 heritage soon kicks in with the focused and clear head-high that follows. 

This medical cannabis strain is considered one of the best for treating arthritis given its super-high CBD content (around 10%).

A subtle choice, Cannatonics flavour is a somewhat indica-earthy and piney while retaining some sativa-like citrus flavours.

CBD strains are becoming increasingly popular for their range of potential medicinal benefits including helping with pain and inflammation as well as stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and insomnia. 


Harlequin is a sativa dominant hybrid that has a higher than normal CBD content with a relatively low THC count.

This Colombian Gold descendant (a famed indica from Nepal) and Thai and Swiss landrace strains, provides plenty of clear-headed sativa effects that could help to relieve the symptoms of joint pain.

With its THC content of just 7%, Harlequin doesn’t cause the psychoactive effects typically associated with a high in THC strain. This allows users to enjoy their day without the added euphoria or sedating effects that some consumers want to avoid.

And with a CBD content ranging between 10 to 15%, Harlequin is recommended for medical use as it is unlikely to provide any unwanted cerebral effects.

Indeed, Harlequin is favoured by many because of its ability to relax without sedation, to treat muscle spasms and relieve pain without any intoxicating or psychoactive effects.

Harlequin´s most prominent terpenes include myrcene which helps to generate this strain’s herbal, almost woody, piney flavours.

As strains for pain go, Harlequin is considered to be one of the most effective for arthritis.

Death Star 

Death Star is a potent cross of Sensi Star and Sour Diesel. This hybrid strain produces a heavy body effect that envelopes the user like a warm blanket.

A high THC content (around 19%) helps to generate an uplifting effect that is great for reducing chronic pain and related stress.

Death Star also has an impressive terpene profile, containing a healthy dose of limonene, myrcene, linalool and caryophyllene that are all thought to be effective against arthritis and also helps to give this potent strain its peppery, almost citrus-like flavour. We assume Sir Patrick, probably enjoys this one.

All of these strains are thought to be effective in helping to relieve the symptoms of arthritis and could prove an interesting alternative for those suffering from the condition.

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