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OG Kush

by Reserva Privada

The OG #18 is a sativa-dominant phenotype of the legendary strain OG Kush. Over the years, OG #18 has proven itself a worthy successor to its famed predecessor, by beating its competition at many Cannabis Cups worldwide. DNA Genetics has made this phenomenal 70% indica-dominant strain available through their exclusive Reserva Privada line.  

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The OG #18 Genetics

DNA Genetics created The OG #18 from a feminized OG Kush seed that showed surprising amounts of phenotypic traits belonging to one of OG Kush’s parents, Chemdawg.

These phenotypic traits were predominantly sativa in nature, making it difficult to decipher whether OG #18 is an indica or sativa dominant hybrid. Judging by its effects, some say sativa, while others swear its indica genetics take centre stage. DNA Genetics, however, states this strain is around 70% indica.  

The OG #18 Terpene profile

Chemdawg’s sour and diesel fuel-like fragrance thoroughly overshadows the earthy and musky aroma OG #18 gets from the Kush family line. Although, Kush traits are much more noticeable in its flavour, especially when exhaled.

The OG #18 Effects

The OG #18 is what we in the cannabis industry call a ‘creeper strain’. This means the effects of a strain aren’t immediately noticeable but ‘creep up’ on you over time. In the case of The OG #18, it takes about ten minutes to reach its full effect. Once the effects are in full swing, however, you will feel a surge of cerebral cortex stimulating energy wash over you. This rush of energy is accompanied by a periphery constricting focus that lets you forget your surroundings and completely hone in on whatever you have going on at that moment. This is very convenient when, let’s say, you are playing videogames but less so for anything that involves multi-tasking. Once this initial rush subsides, the indica component of the effects show their true face and the effects shift into a more traditional, indica body-stoned sensation of relaxation and drowsiness.

Medical Benefits The OG #18

Medicinally one would use OG #18 primarily as a strain to reduce pain and stress. Due to the mental ‘tunnel vision’ you get from this strain, it is a good choice if you’re wanting to forget your worries for a couple of hours. Meanwhile, it gives your body the relaxation it needs to prepare it for a good night’s rest.

How to Grow The OG #18

The OG #18 outshines its OG Kush parent when it comes to yield. This is usually around ⅓ more than that of OG Kush. The calyx of OG #18 are more tightly packed than that of OG Kush as well, making OG #18 more resistant to mould or mildew. This also makes the buds of The OG #18 denser and harder, resulting in massive flowers that deliver more bang for your buck. The OG#18 plant stretches out quite a bit during the later stages of development. This can be exploited by using a SCROG or SOG method, to ensure an even larger yield.