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From our very own Guru Seeds range, ACDC is a sativa-dominant phenotype of the CBD-heavy Cannatonic, a strain with minimal psychoactive qualities. This strain induces little-to-no intoxicating effects and is considered to be one of the best medicinal cannabis strains available today. 

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ACDC Strain Genetics Genetics

A cross between Cannatonic and an unknown ruderalis, ACDC was among the first strains that proved cannabis does not always have to be about getting high. Thanks to its powerful medicinal potential, this strain has earned its place as one of the most popular medical marijuana varieties available on the market today. 

ACDC Strain Effects

The effects of the ACDC strain are completely non-psychoactive, owing to the high CBD content and lack of psychoactive compound, THC. 

While there are only minimal psychoactive effects, the sativa edge in this strain will prevent you from slumping into a total spell of sedation, 

At most, ACDC will make you feel more focused, relaxed and sociable. That makes it an ideal daytime strain, and suitable for consumption even if you have a busy schedule ahead of you. 

ACDC Strain Terpene Profile

Although the lack of THC might make you think otherwise, ACDC is a classic cannabis strain in terms of smell.  Thanks to the presence of pinene, the beautiful puffy buds have that trademark earthy smell, while you will also notice subtle hints of citrus and cherry.

Since this is primarily a medicinal strain, it is a great idea to try alternative ways of consumption, such as vaping to maximise the impressive flavours contained in this wonderful cultivar. 

Medical Benefits ACDC Strain

CBD strains, particularly with a 1:1 THC/CBD ratio, are thought to have a broad range of medicinal uses including helping with pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, insomnia, and seizures associated with some forms of epilepsy. 

Strains with balanced cannabinoid content have also been indicated to have calming effects that could help with nausea and gastrointestinal disorders.

While not definitive, some research has also suggested that strains with a balanced THC and CBD ratio may help improve the restlessness, hyperactivity and inattentiveness associated with ADD/ADHD.

Many people report that these high CBD/low THC medicinals induce a sense of immediate relaxation, and well-being coupled with and a very gentle tingling sensation. So while the perceptual changes of THC, both positive and negative, are not present in AC/DC, this high CBD/low THC strain does bring on a noticeable physiological relaxation response and a related sense of well-being that could help those who suffer from conditions like anxiety. 

How to Grow ACDC Strain

ACDC cannabis seeds require quite a bit of attention to grow, as it is not very resilient on its own. More experienced growers will notice early on that the main kolas and branches will need external support to stand upright. Also, the plant is not genetically resistant to pests and diseases, making infestations potentially catastrophic if not handled quickly.

Available as feminised seeds only, you can grow this plant both indoors and outdoors. However, a controlled environment is better. While not especially easy to grow, ACDC is no slouch with a rapid flowering time of just 9-10 weeks. Come harvest time, growers will be rewarded with a decent yield of around 400g/m2 with beautiful buds that are tight and colourful as well as some delightful pistils that adds orange and brown twists on their light green colour.