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Afghani #1 x Thai x Purple Thai

by Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds offers their own version of DJ Short’s Blueberry. This strain has the ultimate bag appeal in terms of aroma, bud structure, trichome production and most importantly incredible taste.

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Blue Mystic Strain Genetics

Blueberry was created when local growers from Oregon and California crossed their best Afghani, Thai and Purple Thai strains. From this project emerged Blueberry, which was made famous by breeder DJ Short, who was part of the local grow scene. Royal Queen Seeds offers the closest match with Blue Mystic to DJ’s original version, so you will not need to look too far if you want pedigree lineage.

Blue Mystic Strain Terpene Profile

Blue Mystic has a flavor that is unequivocally compared with other varieties of indicas. The aroma is as pleasant as an expensive perfume which fills the air with the blissful scent of berries; appealing even to non-smokers. Your palate will be treated to a mouthwash of smoked blueberry with a smooth creamy smoke on the exhale.

Blue Mystic Strain Effects

Blue Mystic has high THC levels and 80% indica, meaning when smoked she can be heavy and dreamy. A well-grown Blue Mystic can give you a fine balance between feeling uplifted and total relaxation, whilst still being social and aware.

After a few extra pulls of a joint of Blue Mystic, you will be more than chilled and most likely be reaching for the T.V. remote. She is great for meditation, listening to music and zoning out, and any scenario that involves taking it easy.

Medical Benefits Blue Mystic Strain

Blue Mystic has good potential to alleviate physical stress as she is high in THC. She will also increase appetite and help induce a deep sleep; Whether it is from insomnia or the side-effects of a treatment for severe illness. She will also help with muscle spasms, which makes this strain good for aches, pains and flexibility.

How to Grow Blue Mystic Seeds

This 80% indica grows to a medium height with short internodal spacing and when flowered will form one main bud. There will be side branches which, when trained, can increase final yield, so using a screen is recommended.

Indoors, Blue Mystic will grow as tall as 60 cm with large yields depending on the level of the grower. Outdoors in hot climates, she will perform very well and can deliver an even bigger harvest.