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Cheese x Blueberry

by Barneys Farm

Blue Cheese is famous for its potent fragrance. A Barney’s Farm cross of the Cheese and Blueberry strains, this stocky indica-dominant was destined to be both pungent and strong. 

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Blue Cheese Strain Genetics

Barney’s Farm created Blue Cheese when they crossed the world famous Cheese strain with the old school classic Blueberry. While Cheese is notorious for its overpowering scent and reliability, Blueberry is known for its short stature and quick flowering time. These genetics combined make Blue Cheese a sturdy and generous plant with a unique aroma and strong effect.

Blue Cheese Strain Effects

Blue Cheese is a strong strain with an average of 23% THC. Its calming, relaxing, and sleepy high are one indica-lovers will appreciate. Blue Cheese is suited for the evening when its euphoric, ‘couch-locking’ effects can be enjoyed uninterrupted. 

Blue Cheese Strain Terpene Profile

The flavors and aroma of Blue Cheese are incredibly fragrant. Its Cheese parent brings a heavier side to the taste while Blueberry lightens the experience with soft sweeter notes. Its pungent aroma is also noticeable during the growing period, so those preferring discretion should be aware of this. 

Medical Benefits Blue Cheese Strain

Blue Cheese can be used to help reduce inflammation and muscle and joint pains making her great for rest and recovery. The inflammation reducing properties of indica strains have also been suggested to help people cope with Crohn’s disease. Blue Cheese may also be useful for easing arthritis and nursing old injuries, while her sedative effects may be useful for those dealing with insomnia by encouraging deep sleep.

How to Grow Blue Cheese Seeds

Blue Cheese is an excellent strain for growing in a Sea of Green method. Typically growing to a medium size height, it won’t stretch much during the flowering stage due to the short internodal spacing and lower side branching.

Growers can expect dense, sticky buds shielded in terpene-rich resin within 8-9 weeks. Thanks to its resilience to cold temperatures, Blue Cheese performs very well outdoors as well as in greenhouses.