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Platinum x Slurricane

by Guru Fire

A glittering and deliciously sweet sativa-leaning specimen crafted with hash making in mind, Sugar Cane is an incredibly resin-rich THC-dominant hybrid from Guru Fire.

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Sugar Cane Genetic Profile

Sugar Cane marijuana seeds are the product of two heavy resin producing phenotypes and were created by In House Genetics specifically for breeders looking to cash in on the concentrate market. Producing crystal-caked, sativa-leaning cannabis plants, these seeds aren’t the easiest to grow but are a must for any extractors looking for huge returns or enterprising commercial cultivators.

In addition to its resin-rich nature, Sugar Cane lineage of high-powered cannabis strains ensures superior flavours and a range of well balanced psychoactive effects to sweeten the pot, making this Platinum x Slurricane cross perfect for making all kinds of cannabis oils and waxes.

Although not yet available as autoflowering seeds, Sugar Cane can be purchased in a feminised variety from the Guru Fire seed bank and is an excellent choice if you’re a vape user or like to experiment with alternative methods of consuming marijuana. A great way to get into the world of concentrates, give your garden a little sugar with this crystal-coated cannabis superstar!

Sugar Cane Strain Terpene Profile

Picture a fire in a field of sugarcane – the air thick with syrupy scents and the smell of smokey vegetation – and you’ll be somewhere in the region of Sugar Cane aroma. Sweet and spicey but peppered with skunk and earthy kush fragrances, the plant’s scent is sublime but can become incredibly strong during its flowering period. In terms of taste, consumers can expect a fruity candy cane flavour with echoes of grape and a whisper of savoury hashish on the exhale for extra variety.

Sugar Cane dominant terpene is caryophyllene, which provides its smoky overtones, but myrcene and limonene also share the centre stage with regards to its broader flavour. Caryophyllene – a pungent sesquiterpene that gives black pepper its bite – is one of the more common terpenes found in cannabis and is actually the component that drug-sniffing dogs use to identify the substance.

Sugar Cane Strain Effects

Although slightly sativa-dominant, Sugar Cane effects are balanced and broad-ranging. Expect an incredibly relaxing experience with an added motivational kick at the beginning that pays homage to the strain’s genetic roots. Opening with a warm feeling of euphoria that starts at the back of the head, users will feel energised and wide awake before a potent indica buzz washes over, replacing the strain’s stimulating effects with a sensation of carefree bliss.

Great for treating aches and pains, stimulating appetite, or general stress relief, this pheno’s hybridized style really hits the spot if you’re a cannabis lover who prefers the best of multiple worlds. Sugar Cane THC levels average in the low twenties but can reach even higher levels of potency if cultivated correctly.

Though the THC content of a cannabis plant is largely genetically determined, light exposure, nutrient uptake and many other factors contribute to the overall strength of a strain. Although Sugar Cane is already considered stronger than average and unsuitable for novices, growers may want to consider altering their setup if growing for potency alone.

Sugar Cane Strain Medical Benefits

Our bodies rely on sugars for energy, and some of Sugar Cane medical benefits aren’t too dissimilar. The strain’s invigorating qualities may be suitable for treating chronic fatigue syndrome or motivational disorders. Although it isn’t as energizing as some stronger sativa varieties, its gentle, rejuvenating approach – bolstered by limonene and a high THC content – can help languishing users find their stride when they’re struggling to keep up with the fast pace of the modern world.

Sugar Cane medical seeds have many additional curative qualities. As well as being a powerful appetite stimulant and stress reliever, it also provides effective pain relief and can help to reduce swelling in a recent injury. This is in part due to the strain’s high caryophyllene content, as this particular terpene has shown tons of promise as a painkiller and anti-inflammatory. Headaches, migraines, and arthritic complaints can all benefit from these powerful analgesic qualities.

How to Grow Sugar Cane Strain

Unfortunately, this resinous plant is far less forgiving than its sugary flavour suggests. Growing Sugar Cane marijuana seeds will be a challenging and time-consuming experience, but growers who persevere through the process will discover the rewards are as sweet as they come. As a sativa-dominant strain, it can actually grow even taller than the species it’s named after and will easily outgrow a smaller greenhouse if not controlled. LST or the FIM technique are both great options for keeping tabs on plant height without sacrificing yield, and this plant adapts readily to both approaches.

Sugar Cane cannabis seeds flowering time is nine-ten weeks from germination and will give off quite the smell once it reaches the final days of maturation. Growers can compensate for this with activated charcoal or an alternative odour-reducing mechanism, which will allow for a more discreet grow no matter what the environment. Under optimum conditions, these plants will produce plenty of minty green, popcorn-shaped nugs with olive green leaves, rich amber hairs and a double-thick coating of crystal trichomes.