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Do-Si-Dos x Purple Punch

by Guru Fire

Once impossible to source on the open market, Slurricane – the purple indica-dominant hybrid powerhouse that whipped the world into a storm upon original release – makes its triumphant return with these limited edition seeds from Guru Fire.

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Slurricane Strain Genetic Profile

Marking its debut appearance at the Guru Fire seedbank, Slurricane is quickly growing to become one of the most sought after cannabis strains on the market. Created by the breeders at In House Genetics, Slurricane lineage combines the fruity flavours of Do-Si-Dos and the regal colours of Purple Punch with a torrential psychoactive assault that’ll wash your worries and work-life stresses away. Boasting the kind of whirlwind effects that’s common to hybrid cultivars, but with a couch locking indica encore, it’s an ideal strain for a little late-night lounging and especially beneficial for restless sleepers.

Superior genetics such as these require a little more experience than usual when it comes to cultivation. Only recently made available for home growth, Slurricane marijuana seeds aren’t the easiest cannabis seeds to grow, but are now available from MGS in a feminized variety, makes bringing this standout strain to term a little bit more manageable.

Slurricane Strain Terpene Profile

In-House didn’t choose any old plants when breeding the original Slurricane. This cultivar was created from a particularly terpenic Nor-Cal-Cut of Do-Si-Dos and boasts a comparable creamy flavour profile merged with the subtle grape taste of Purple Punch. Slurricane aroma offers a sweet and flowery mix of tropical fruit and Kush scents, while on the tongue, consumers can expect similar spicy berry flavours and a hit of peppercorn on the exhale.

Caryophyllene and myrcene dominate this complex terpene profile. While these two chemicals are chiefly responsible for this Dosidos x Purple Punch plant’s peppery and tropical overtones, others like linalool, terpinolene, and phellandrene are equally important adding subtle nuances to its flavour. Myrcene also plays a significant role in amplifying the disarming sedative effects that accompany this deceptively sweet strain.

Slurricane Strain Effects

A little like the weather system it was named after, Slurricane effects can be intense and a little unpredictable. Beginning with a subtle shower of sativa-like effects, at first, you might not even notice its creeping influence beyond a light and breezy euphoric lift and a slight tingling sensation at the back of the head. As time wears on, its hybridized effects become more physically pronounced, flooding the body with intense feelings of relaxation and relief. Only the most experienced users will be equipped to weather the sedative storm that comes as its effects begin to abate, so save this tempestuous strain for evening use if you want to stay above water.

Slurricane´s potent THC level regularly measures at 28% or higher. It has a high chance of causing couchlock, even in small doses, so while it might be tempting to overindulge or consume this high THC/low CBD strain during daylight hours, we can’t recommend this course of action. It’s far better to wait until your schedule is clear and when its knockout effects can be properly embraced.

Slurricane Strain Medical Benefits

We’ve already mentioned how Slurricane can make it difficult to stay awake. When cannabinoids like THC interact with CB1 receptors in the endocannabinoid system, it can have a profound effect on the body’s sleep-wake cycle. These extremely potent sedative effects make Slurricane medical seeds an excellent choice for medical marijuana growers with insomnia or other sleep-disruptive conditions. As this cultivar has a high THC content and is also rich in myrcene – another chemical that’s known for its sleep-inducing influence – patients often describe it as even more effective than many over the counter sleep medications.

This AAA strain has plenty of other medical uses. Many users report a positive change in mental attitude whilst under the influence of this strain, which is why Slurricane medical benefits are also highly suited to those with depressive disorders. In addition to its full-bodied effects, the uplifting cerebral side of this pheno can chase away the storm clouds when you’re feeling gloomy and help troubled users to picture a brighter forecast for tomorrow.

How to Grow Slurricane Strain

Growing Slurricane marijuana seeds will require a certain level of expertise and a good deal of experimentation. As these feminized seeds are often hard to source, information is scarce on the best methods to bring them to term, but they can be grown indoors or even outside if given sufficient light and space. Producing short and stocky plants which adapt readily to SOG and SCROG setups, if you are planning on going the super cropping route, make sure to invest in a good odour control mechanism. This plant gets super stinky once matured, but with carbon filters or a decent air purifier, indoor cultivars may be able to maintain a level of discretion.

Under optimum conditions, growers can expect Slurricane yields to range from around
400-450g/m2 indoors to 550g per plant if grown outside. Slurricane flowering time is about nine-eleven weeks from germination, and this is when its dense, compact purple-flecked flowers will begin to form. Growers may be able to encourage darker colours in their plants by lowering the temperature of their grow space in the last weeks of the flowering period, but this presents plenty of risks and should only be attempted by seasoned cultivators.

As this is an especially resinous cultivar and ripe for making concentrates, a much better idea is to focus on terpene production, and there are plenty of techniques designed to promote trichome growth that can help ensure your Slurricane plants live up to their sweet and juicy potential.