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Lemon OG Kush x Gorilla Haze

by Guru Fire

A fruity and refreshing reminder of those hot summer days and an excellent choice for wake and bake enthusiasts, Lemonade is a sour sativa cut from the Gure Fire seedbank with a spirit-lifting psychoactive stance that’ll keep you energized from dawn till dusk.

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Lemonade Genetic Profile

Brewed up by Guru Fire to an exclusive recipe, this standout sativa hybrid is sure to quench your thirst if you’ve been searching for the right marijuana pick-me-up. Lemonade lineage blends Lemon OG Kush – a Las Vegas Lemon Skunk cross – with Gorilla Haze, and this carefully crafted cocktail of skunk, haze, and kush genetics has resulted in an incredibly invigorating plant.

Perfect for daytime use – or even the occasional early-morning indulgence – it won’t make you sleepy like many marijuana strains, and its tangy taste and energy-boosting approach makes an ideal accompaniment to physical activity.

Sometimes known as Lemonade OG or The Original Lemonade, Lemonade marijuana seeds are now available from MGS in a feminized variety. Some cultivating expertise will be required as these sativa cannabis seeds aren’t the easiest to rear, but it’s a small price for the kind of freshly-squeezed flavours and THC-fuelled kick this phenomenal phenotype provides.

Lemonade Strain Terpene Profile

Expect a mouthwatering burst of citrus flavour from this tangy soda pop strain. Lemonade flavour is just as sweet and refreshing as a tall and frosty glass of the real stuff, but with herbaceous hints and strong skunk scents rounding out its profile. Like a fizzy drink in marijuana form, but without the gassiness or inevitable sugar crash, it’s a sweet lemon treat that should be savoured, and growers should expect powerful aromas from this plant once it enters flowering.

As one might expect, Lemonade dominant terpene is limonene – a chemical most commonly found in the peels of citrus fruits. It’s also rich in alpha-pinene, which is known to nullify some of the adverse effects associated with more potent cannabis strains. This terp – which occurs naturally in pine trees, rosemary, and orange oil – also provides a cooling, menthol effect, igniting the senses even further.

Lemonade Strain Effects

Lemonade effects mirror its sour and refreshing flavour. Opening with a sharp psychoactive slap to the senses, it offers an uplifting and energising experience from start to finish. Even if consumed in the early hours of the day, its stimulating stance is sure to get users motivated and up and moving, and for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, it makes the perfect pairing for exercise or a bracing afternoon hike.

Lemonade THC levels can range from 17-20%. This may not sound like a particularly high THC content, but its buzzy effects are undoubtedly strong enough to cause problems if you’re a first time user. It won’t help if you’re feeling parched – in fact, it’s actually more likely to cause dry mouth – and other possible side effects include anxiety, which is commonly associated with stronger sativa strains such as this. Indica dominant lovers and insomniacs should also avoid consuming this strain, particularly before bed, as it’s liable to keep you awake into the early hours.

Lemonade Strain Medical Benefits

Besides being rich in Vitamin C, Lemonade doesn’t have too many health benefits, but its cannabis equivalent is a different story altogether. The perfect tonic for fatigue-related disorders, this strain’s stimulating psychoactive approach can be a lifesaver if you’re low on energy or lacking motivation. Some phenotypes can make you feel tired and lethargic, but cannabis grown from Lemonade medical seeds has the complete opposite effect, which is why it’s built up quite the reputation with wake and bake enthusiasts.

Lemonade medical benefits also extend to treating conditions related to attention and concentration. The plant’s high alpha-pinene content can help with memory retention, while the same stimulating effects that make it such an excellent energiser are also great for aiding focus, especially for easily distracted users or those who suffer from a diagnosed medical condition like ADHD.

How to Grow Lemonade Strain

Growing Lemonade marijuana seeds may prove a bit of a challenge as this strain is best suited to more seasoned cultivators. This feminized photoperiod plant can be grown inside or out, but those with smaller setups will quickly run into problems once its vegetative growth spurt begins. As a sativa-dominant strain, it has significant stretch, long internodal spacing, and grows tall and thick if left to its own devices, so we recommended regular maintenance to keep its height under control. SCROG, SOG or LST are great options if you’re seeking shorter plants but don’t want to impact upon your final harvest. If properly implemented, these techniques can actually encourage bud growth and help increase Lemonade yields to their full potential.

If you’re looking for a fast turnover, we recommend choosing an alternative autoflowering pheno as Lemonade flowering time is about nine-ten weeks from germination. It’s at this point that your plants are most at risk. Cannabis plants can be highly susceptible to light and temperature changes during maturation, so make sure to pay extra close attention during this time.

It won’t be an easy grow, but with a bit of luck and a decent chunk of time and effort, your reward will be a healthy crop of dark and light green buds cemented together with yellow trichomes and bright orange pistils – a more than fitting reward for a few months of dutiful attention.