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Gelato 41 x Sherbert Bx2

by Guru Fire

Become the envy of your friends and fellow growers with Jealousy – a must-have indica-dominant cultivar from Guru Fire with a spicy orange flavour and a tempting THC content of around 30%.

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Jealousy Genetic Profile

This high strength phenotype from Guru Fire is a formidable green-eyed monster that cannabis veterans will want to get acquainted with. Originally created by Seed Junky Genetics and born from Gelato 41 and a Sherbert Bx2 plant, Jealousy lineage is an exercise in extreme potency and has resulted in an intoxicating indica hybrid with THC levels regularly reaching the 30% mark.

Strong effects aren’t the only thing this covetous cannabis strain has going for it. Cultivators can also look forward to easy, robust growth, spicy fruit flavours, and a pleasing range of colours once these regular seeds enter their flowering stage. Perfect for first-time growers, give in to your desires and take home a strain that truly delivers with Jealously marijuana seeds from the Guru Fire seedbank.

Jealousy Strain Terpene Profile

Jealousy aroma is a sweet mix of cream and candy with a distinctive orange citrus streak and strong hints of lavender. This desirable mix of dessert aromas carries over to the strain’s flavour, which blends the best bits of both its parent plants profiles. A tangy orange soda taste combines with silky ice cream flavours, black pepper, and invigorating kush spice. On the exhale, consumers will encounter an even more potent reminder of the strain’s OG Kush roots.

If you’re craving ice cream cake or spicy citrus flavours, then a Cookies and Kush combination such as this Gelato41 x Sherb BX1 is the way to go. Based on the terpene profiles of similar GSC cuts like Wedding Cake and Runtz, it’s likely that this particular strain is rich in caryophyllene and limonene. Jealousy dominant terpenes also probably include linalool and alpha-pinene, which account for the mint and lavender scents that lend its terpene profile a touch of elegance.

Jealousy Strain Effects

Although this strain is technically indica-dominant, many users have reported intense psychoactive euphoria and mental stimulation whilst under its influence. This isn’t so surprising considering Jealousy THC content regularly measures in the upper twenties or as high as 30% in some instances. An excellent imagination stimulant, its heady, creatively inspiring approach is in many ways closer to that of a sativa strain and strong enough that over possessive smokers won’t have a problem sharing.

Jealousy effects are not suitable for those with a low THC tolerance. Although it’s unlikely to cause couchlock, it can leave users feeling unfocused and lost in a world of thought. Often known as mind race, users with a history of anxiety are more likely to encounter these kinds of adverse effects, so if this applies to you, we suggest choosing something with a gentler approach and a more pronounced indica profile.

Jealousy Strain Medical Benefits

Jealousy medical seeds are like little kernels of untapped potential energy, and this stimulating strain provides a lift for both body and mind that can be utilized by patients with fatigue disorders. If you’re feeling physically exhausted or creatively drained, its two-pronged attack can help to rejuvenate lethargic muscles and get the brain firing on all cylinders. Even patients with chronic disorders may find its daytime friendly effects to be effective.

Despite its cerebral approach, Jealousy medical benefits are also suitable for treating physical pain and tension-related grievances. Highly suitable for headaches, migraines, and menstrual cramps, its soothing action can help alleviate pain at the source, while its mental effects simultaneously distract the mind.

How to Grow Jealousy Strain

While its THC-fueled effects may be too intense for first-time users, this hardy, indica-dominant variety is an ideal starter strain for first-time growers. Growing Jealousy marijuana seeds is practically hassle-free as they adapt readily to most environments and require little maintenance.

These regular seeds can be cultivated directly in the ground, in pots, or via hydroponic methods but are likely to fare better in warmer climates if grown outside. If you do decide to put in the extra effort, they’re also a great candidate for super cropping and produce short, bushy indica plants with decent internodal spacing.

Jealousy flowering time is around eight-nine weeks from germination and can be harvested in late October if grown outdoors. To keep your garden or grow space discreet, we do suggest investing in odour control measures to help with the plant’s intoxicating scent. LST or the FIM technique are also highly recommended if you’re aiming to boost its terpenic potential, as these can help promote trichome growth while simultaneously increasing production rates. In terms of Jealousy yield and appearance, growers can look forward to rich crops of multicoloured popcorn shaped buds that’re covered in fuzzy, caterpillar-like trichomes and striking orange pistils.