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White Widow

by Royal Queen Seeds

Easy Bud is an easy-to-grow strain that handles cold and wet weather with ease while producing a uniform harvest from seed to flower every 9 weeks. Perfect for the beginner growers living in less than ideal climates.

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Easy Bud Strain Genetics

Easy Bud is very similar to White Dwarf which shares lineage with an automatic White Widow. The actual lineage is not stated, but it is safe to assume there are Northern Lights and White Widow genetics behind this automatic hybrid. More experienced growers will notice how she grows with a structure and aroma similar to White Widow. Using their pedigree stud ruderalis, RQS has created an automatic 55% indica hybrid that lives up to her name.

Easy Bud Strain Terpene Profile

The taste of Easy Bud is a blend of earthy, spicy and fruity tones. You can experience lip-licking flavours that resonate on the palate for quite some time. The aftertaste is pleasantly skunky while the aroma will captivate all lovers of fruity strains.

Easy Bud Strain Effects

Easy Buds’ low to moderate THC content means users will feel balanced effects as an instant head-high eases tension behind the eyes and the body relaxes.

The fruity-skunky flavours of this strain are complemented by the easy-going effects making it an excellent choice for daytime smoking. A great strain for social scenarios and boosting creativity and productivity.

Medical Benefits Easy Bud Strain

Easy Bud’s moderate THC content and energising effects may be beneficial for those struggling with motivation and general fatigue. Similarly, it’s relaxing properties for the body and mind may help relieve pain, reduce social anxiety, or lessen stress.

How to Grow Easy Bud Seeds

Easy Bud is so simple to grow she’s named for how user-friendliness. A sturdy and resilient plant to all the elements which will grow between 45 cm – 60 cm and flower in 63 days. She stays low and out of sight with multiple side branches that have little internodal spacing. In appearance she is short and stout, however, she delivers on quality and flavor every time. It is highly recommended to grow Easy Bud in a Sea of Green indoor and outdoors to obtain the best yields.