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Brazilian Sativa x South Indian Indica

by Guru Seeds

White Widow has been amongst the most requested strain types in Amsterdam coffee shops for decades. Coming from Guru Seeds Company brand, this hybrid cannabis strain, is one of the Dutch classics – A potent and fast-acting strain that delivers a euphoric, cerebral buzz that provides energy and creativity in equal bounds.

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White Widow Genetics

White Widow cannabis seeds first appeared in 1994 as a cross between two strain types, a Brazilian Sativa Landrace, and a resinous South Indian Indica. The result was a spectacular sativa indica hybrid that has maintained huge popularity to this day.

An earthy, woody aroma is the most apparent scent in these premium cannabis seeds, with fruity hints of citrus, and a touch of spice creating a classic, old-school cannabis taste.

High in THC (around 17%) with a low CBD content (less than 1%) the cerebral kick from White Widow is potent and swift.

Considering how popular this hybrid strain is, it’s no surprise that the White Widow cannabis family tree has numerous branches. Giving rise to cup winners like Moby Dick, White Rhino, White Russian, and other popular types of marijuana seed.

However, in the eyes of many, nothing can ever live up to the quality of the original. THE hybrid strain of cannaseurs and one of the finest Dutch classics to emerge from the European capital of cannabis, Amsterdam.

White Widow Terpene Profile

White Widow has a mix of terpenes that are known to provide strong pain-reliever qualities, these are a popular choice of medical cannabis seeds for beginner growers.

The primary terpene found in White widow plants is myrcene. The most common terpene in medical seeds, which provides the earthy flavour, has anti-inflammatory properties, and regulates other terpenes to enhance their benefits.

Also present in White Widow strains is caryophyllene, which can potentially reduce pain and inflammation.

It also provides the spicy kick to its flavour alongside limonene. Bringing a delightful vibe of citrus lemon and is even thought to aid with pain relief and reduce stress, making this a favourite with chronic pain sufferers.

The woody flavour from the myrcene is the most prominent here, both in taste and scent. White Widow plants leans more towards the characteristics of the South Indian indica strain in its genetics.

White Widow Effects

A true hybrid at its core, the effects of the White Widow marijuana strain bring you both sides of the fabled sativa/indica cannabis coin.

This classic hybrid strain brings an energetic, uplifting high that is combined with a relaxed and calm mood for body and mind.

A perfect combination for those looking to be productive, or indeed for those looking to relax, unwind and kick back for the day.

These seeds are cup winners for a reason. The terpene profile, particularly the limonene and caryophyllene, have mind-soothing and anti-stress potential, which is thought to be a reason for the smooth, mellow buzz. 

White Widow Medical Benefits

As a low CBD, high THC cannabis strain, White Widow is thought to help to improve appetite, making it a medical cannabis choice for those with suppressed appetite following specific medical treatments like chemotherapy.

The terpene profile of this sativa indica hybrid has potential pain-relieving properties. Myrcene and caryophyllene are both thought to offer help for those with chronic pain conditions. 

Myrcene, a medical marijuana favourite, also acts as a regulator. It could increase the pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties of both the limonene and caryophyllene present in these potentially medical seeds. 

How to Grow White Widow

Experienced cannabis growers favour this easy to grow fast flowering type because of the rapid and bountiful harvest it yields.

White Widow plants are relatively easy to grow indoors and outdoors, but indoor growth is the preferred option.

White Widow is very compatible with both SOG and SCROG growing methods. These methods tend to result in the highest yield per square metre (up to 3 ounces on average). Flowering time typically lasts between 8 and 9 weeks.

Once these easy growing seeds do flower, it’s easy to see why they call this hybrid cannabis strain WHITE Widow!

After waiting patiently for your harvest month, (around seven weeks), those beautiful white, sticky, resinous buds will take shape.

How to Grow White Widow Autoflowering Seeds

Created by crossbreeding White Widow with Critical Auto, White Widow Autoflowering seeds are easier to grow than the regular seeds. White Widow automatic cannabis seeds are very popular seeds for beginner growers. 

The growing period is a little longer here (around ten weeks), but these are still a fast flowering type of marijuana seed compared to other autoflower options.

These autoflower cannabis seeds are easy growing, and reasonably high yielding when grown indoors, but White Widow automatic is even more bountiful when grown as outdoor seeds.

Autoflower White Widow seeds can have a THC count that is a little lower than the regular seeds, at around 12%.