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5 of the fruitiest cannabis strains you want to try this summer

Summer is coming, so prepare for a fresh and fruity season with these refreshing cannabis strains

By Mell Green

From citrus to melon, to blackberry and pineapple, cannabis fruit flavor strains have become a game changer in many seed banks. Offering a delicious array of flavors as well as effects, any cannabis plant that has a burst of fruit flavor is bound to help wake your body up and enhance your mood. If you’re a toker who ranks taste high in priority, with the thousands of cannabis strains with complex aromas available today, there is surely something out there for everyone. We’d like to point you towards the savoriest flowers by listing five of the best fruity cannabis strains with interesting terpene profiles, sure to make for a delectable smoke.

Lemon OG Haze

Full of citrusy flavors, this phenomenal sativa-dominant strain certainly lives up to its reputation. Lemon OG Haze is a combination of three of the best-tasting cannabis strains, namely Vegas Lemon Skunk, OG Kush and Haze 1. With its strong, flavorful qualities in both the smell and taste, it’s just what consumers would expect from a citrus based herb — zesty and fruity. The effects of smoking Lemon OG Haze bud are creative and uplifting, offering an incredible combination of potency and pleasure that makes it effective against inflammation and migraines as well as anxiety.

Fruity Juice

Fruity Juice is a sweet and fruity cannabis hybrid strain intended to give consumers a massive burst of sweetness with just the first toke. It’s a crossing of a Thai landrace sativa and the Afghani Indica genetics, making it a indica-dominant strain. The variety of smells and flavors packs quite a punch ― a tropical fruit punch that is, giving consumers a delicious burst of sweetness reminiscent of tropical fruit. Effects are long-lasting and provide a full body-stone that gently cradles you into a deep state of relaxation, without feeling anxious. That said, the Fruity Juice strain may be ideal for migraines and any other pain-related issues.

Animal Mint Cookies

The wonderfully named Animal Mint Cookies (aka Animal Mints) is a well-balanced indica-dominant hybrid that comes with high THC content (thought to be above 20%) and a heavy sedative effect. Brought to you by our very own Guru Seeds, this hugely popular strain is a cross between Animal Cookies and a combination of Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Power. As such, Animal Mint Cookies is thought to be one of the most powerful strains on the market today.

While Animal Mint Cookies is quite hard-to-grow, the rewards are certainly worth the effort with this  strain providing consumers with a deliciously minty, citrusy flavour that helps to createa delightfully smooth smoke. 

Because of its cannabinoid profile and potency, Animal Mint Cookies is better suited to experienced marijuana consumers users with a higher than average tolerance level.

Both the aroma and flavour of Animal Mints are a balanced combination of its parental traits. When cracked open, the buds emanate a piney and nutty essence that transforms into a sweet and minty taste when consumed.

If you´re looking for a powerful, fresh and delcious strain, Animal Mint Cookies could be the strain for you!

Cannalope Haze

Cannalope Haze is a sativa-dominant cannabis hybrid that will make quite the treat for all you Haze lovers out there. Renowned for its flavor of none other than cantaloupe and honeydew melons, this fruity strain is a cross between  Haze Brothers Haze and a Mexican landrace sativa. Not to mention, the smoke of Cannalope Haze flower boasts a sweet aroma that will fill the air and tempt others to see what all the fuss is about. The stimulating and relaxing properties delivers a quick, intense, yet mood-lifting buzz. With high THC levels, patients can medicate with this strain to help with nausea and fatigue.

Lemon Zkittle

2018 HighLife Cup-winner Lemon Zkittle is a zippy cannabis flower that really delivers on flavor. It’s comprised of Lemon Skunk and Zkittlez  and is indicative of zesty, citrus fruits. A single puff of this refreshing herb will taste like you crunched down on a juicy piece of lemon bursting with sour, citrus aromas. Like it’s flavor, this bud is not to be taken lightly. With THC ratios boasting around 20%, the effects of this bud will cause the consumer’s spirits to soar on high. For this reason, Lemon Zkittle cannabis may be best for targeting conditions relating to depression and also generalized restlessness.

So many fruity cannabis strains to choose from

Of course there are plenty more fruity-tasting and smelling cannabis varieties to indulge in – including other favorites like Strawberry Banana , Mimosa, and Pineapple Express

To determine which strains will satisfy all of your cravings, take a look at our online shop and explore some of our most flavorful cannabis strains made just for your taste buds.

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