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Skunk #1 x Afghani

by Guru Seeds

Brought to you by Guru Seeds, Super Skunk is a skunk lovers dream. As potent as its name suggests, but with a sweet, and smooth sensation on both inhale and exhale, the Cannabis Cup winning Super Skunk marijuana seed is a strain not to be missed.

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Super Skunk Genetics

Super Skunk was created by backcrossing the legendary Skunk #1 strain (one of the most famous hybrid strains, also the parent of Shiva Skunk amongst others) with Afghani. The result is one of the most potent indica seeds, which yield buds with size and density that even surpasses Skunk #1 – Perfect for recreational and medical cannabis users alike. 

Super Skunk is best known for its remarkable fruity flavour, again, taking the profile of Skunk #1, and adding Afghani roots to create a fuller taste and that distinctive skunk aroma. The skunk smell is somewhat sweeter than either of the skunk strains, Skunk #1 or Shiva Skunk, contributing to this strain types continued popularity since inception in the early 90s.

From a family of cup winners, Skunk #1 is a particularly proud parent here, after Super Skunk followed in its father’s footsteps, picking up a Cannabis Cup award of its own. 

Super Skunk Terpene Profile

The flavour profile of this indica dominant skunk strain is, as its name may suggest, an enhanced version of the famed cannabis cup winners that make up its rich DNA genetics. 

Limonene, which adds the citrus aroma and potentially anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving benefits, provides a fruity hint to the typical skunk smell courtesy of it’s Super Skunk’s Afghani heritage. That skunk smell common in certain strain types comes from myrcene, another potentially pain-relieving terpene, which also can also enhance the effects of other terpenes. 

This combination of terpenes gives Super Skunk potential medicinal value, especially as a pain-reliever.

Super Skunk Effects

Super Skunk strains come with turbocharged indica effects. Leaning considerably more towards relaxing than uplifting, this is a strain for those looking to chill out after a hard day at work.

A euphoric, cerebral buzz brings with it a feeling of harmony with body and mind finding an equal state of pure relaxation. This calming sensation occurs in part, because of Super Skunk´s interesting terpene profile, with limonene thought to have anti-stress properties, as well as the ability to provide relaxation. With myrcene playing the role of a regulator, enhancing the effects of other terpenes, this terpene profile has the potential to be very good for alleviating stress.

The effects of Super Skunk are more impactful than the majority of indica strains. As such, this is not necessarily a strain for beginners as there are many lower THC options that are more suitable for the newly cannabis initiated. 

The more experienced cannasseur should enjoy the relaxing, calming buzz that is achievable through limited use.

Super Skunk Medical Benefits

Considered by many to be one of the best indica strains for stress relief, thanks to its Afghani roots, Super Skunk seeds have a medium THC level (between 15 and 20%), and low CBD levels, which gives Super Skunk the potential to also improve appetite and alleviate symptoms of chronic pain.

While Super Skunk is technically a hybrid strain, it is very indica dominant, more so than most cannabis hybrids. Being high in THC makes Super Skunk popular recreationally and as a type of medical marijuana. 

The presence of limonene, with its potential stress-relieving properties, makes Super Skunk a good choice for those with the symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress.

Super Skunk cannabis strains are also likely to cause an increase in hunger,  which is a side effect to be aware of, but also means this strain can be used as medical cannabis for people with health conditions that cause a loss of appetite. 

How to Grow Super Skunk

Easy to grow and quick flowering, Super Skunk is a great cannabis seed for beginner growers, as it should be ready to go before diseases or pests become a problem.

Producing between 30 to 70 grams per square meter, with a flowering time of seven to nine weeks when grown indoors, these fast flowering and heavy yielding seeds are certainly a popular choice. When Super Skunk hybrid seeds are grown in the right conditions, they can produce big, fluffy cannabis buds, with an intriguing hint of orange throughout, perfect for skunk lovers.

Super Skunk seeds should also be easy to grow outdoor. While the process takes a little longer, they are still comparatively fast flowering, and the characteristics (short, compact plants and high yield) tend to stay the same. Super Skunk flourishes when grown as outdoor seeds in warm, dry climates, or indoors in any conditions, making it one of the best beginner strains for new cannabis consumers.  

Super Skunk is a mix of the best indica strain types, voluminous, with short and compact plants that don’t take up too much space and boast a flowering time amongst the quickest around. 

How to Grow Super Skunk Autoflowering

Super Skunk auto flowering is highly recommended for novice gardeners. Not only are these autoflowering seeds easy to grow, but the plant will also grow sturdy and strong, which is helpful for the more inexperienced grower.

These auto flowering hybrid seeds will produce cannabis that is a little lower in THC level than the regular seeds, at a little under 15%, and growing takes a little longer, at around 10-12 weeks.

However, these easy to grow seeds are heavy yielding and, as with most autoflower seeds, do not require light or heat changes.