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Chocolope x Dutch Haze

by Dutch Passion

Freddy, the legendary Master Grower from Dutch Passion, bred this almost pure sativa (95%) beauty before retiring. Strong, cerebral and long lasting; he had good reason to be proud of his final creation. 15-20% THC.

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Freddy’s Best Strain Genetics

Freddy, one of Dutch Passion’s top cannabis breeders, responsible for remarkable strains like Blueberry, Mazar, Passion #1, Orange Bud and Strawberry Cough rounded off his career by producing this eponymous strain. Clearly the guy knew about flavour and strength. For Freddy’s Best he crossed the genetics of Chocolope x Dutch Haze before adding some additional secret sativa ingredients into the mix; creating this strong sativa with just a hint of indica in it (95:5).

Freddy’s Best Strain Effects

It will take a few minutes before the effect of Freddy’s Best kicks in, but when she does she will be strong. This effect will build over time and be long-lasting. If you’re looking to get really active, the high is creative and energetic in spades. A clear, Haze-y high that those who know their sativas will recognize and love immediately.

Freddy’s Best Strain Terpene Profile

As you might have guessed looking at the parentage, you will taste the deep, chocolate flavour of the Chocolope parent coming through strong and sweet in Freddy’s Best. She also lends smoothness and fullness to the flavour and an earthy aroma. The Haze side of the family brings some spicy notes to the experience. A pungent smorgasbord of aromatic pleasure that true cannaisseurs will adore.

Medical Benefits Freddy’s Best Strain

The high THC (15-20%) will relax the brain and may help with the pain associated with headaches and migraine. Meanwhile, the little bit of indica in the genetics does result in a warm, cosy, body-buzz which is good for easing fatigue and sore muscles. Freddy’s Best does build up slowly so, tasty though she is, pace yourself, or you may quickly find yourself flying higher than intended.

How to Grow Freddy’s Best Strain

Keeping growers in mind, Freddy also made a strain that is easy-to-grow. She’ll grow happily indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse; and in any medium. Looks-wise, she’ll produce medium to tall plants of that familiar, leggy sativa phenotype; she likes space to stretch out. Popular with experienced growers as well as novices, thanks to her quick time to flower and high yield of juicy, dense, sticky buds. Keep humidity levels low as she gets into flower to avoid mould and mildew.