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by Dutch Passion

Brought to you by the marijuana genetics experts at Dutch Passion, Strawberry Cough is a hugely popular sativa-dominant hybrid strain. Winner of the 2013 Cannabis Cup, this fantastic hybrid is one of our most popular varieties on offer at MGS, thanks to its well-balanced sativa effects and legendary fruity flavour

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Strawberry Cough Strain Genetics

The Strawberry Cough strain derives from both American and European genetics from Dutch Passion´s genebank that has been exclusively used for this cultivar. Dutch Passion used a combination of the sativa Erbeer and an unidentified indica to create their version of Strawberry Cough. 

Despite the sativa-dominance in its genetics, Strawberry Cough has a more indica-typical bud structure, being both solid and densely packed. 

Strawberry Cough Strain Terpene Profile

With a delightful scent of fresh strawberries, Strawberry Cough will transport you into the widest of strawberry fields forever...well, not forever, but for at least a few hours! 

Boasting the terpenes alpha-pinene and myrcene and small traces of limonene, Strawberry Cough is the perfect sativa-leaning hybrid for cannabis flavour and aroma connoisseurs. 

Offering a spellbindingly sweet and spicy taste, Strawberry Cough certainly delivers in the flavour department offering an initial flavour of ripe strawberries, devoid of any hint of skunkiness or musk. On the exhale, the strawberry flavour intensifies, leaving a potent, saccharine berry aroma that gently lingers in the air.

Strawberry Cough Strain Effects

Offering a buzzy, cerebral high, Strawberry Cough provides rapid and thought-provoking effects. While some consumers may feel an initial intenseness to this sativa-dominant strain, Strawberry Cough can offer an impressive increase in focus and mental clarity that lasts between 3 to 4 hours depending on your tolerance levels.

Offering moderate THC levels between 13 and 18%, this sativa cannabis cup winning hybrid is Ideal for deep conversations or creative tasks, Strawberry Cough is known for imparting an energising sensation that can increase motivation and your ability to get through those tedious household tasks. 

Medical Benefits Strawberry Cough Strain

For medical marijuana users, Strawberry Cough could prove to be beneficial in helping to control and regulate some mental health conditions, including stress and anxiety. Thanks to its impressive ability to provide a boost in both energy and creativity, primarily caused by the presence of the terpene alpha-pinene, consumers may feel a reduction in feelings of anxiety or stress. 

Other users have also reported that the Strawberry Cough strain can be effective as a relief from painful migraines or headaches. 

How to Grow Strawberry Cough Strain

Strawberry Cough feminised cannabis seeds are considered easy to grow, with plants that tend to be more short and bushy, similar to many indica-dominant strains. This makes them suitable for indoor cultivation. Available from the MGS seed bank as feminised seeds only, this incredible hybrid strain can also be grown outdoors. 

However, Strawberry Cough plants require hot climates and continuous temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Strawberry Cough offers a rapid flowering time of just 9 weeks from germination when grown indoors, and in late October when grown outdoors. 

Although the yield from Strawberry Cough is considered no better than average, the colossal, dense buds are some consolation — and given this strains legendary flavour and effects, it is unlikely to leave anyone disappointed with the final harvest.