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by Dutch Passion

With a reputation as one of the best (and easiest to grow) outdoor indicas on the market, Passion #1, has become popular around the world. Strong and flavoursome, this indica-dominant hybrid strain from Dutch Passion will please even the fussiest of cannaseours. 

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Passion #1 Genetics

As legendary strain from 70´s California, Dutch Passion first introduced the strain Passion #1 to Europe in the 1980s and it has remained one of their most popular varieties ever since thanks to its soft smoke, fresh flavours and massive growth potential. Though the exact parentage is unknown, Passion #1 is AN indica-dominant hybrid, with a high THC ratio of 18-20%.

Passion #1 Terpene Profile

A gentle, light and sweet aroma of citrus and herbs will greet you with Passion #1, largely caused by the presence of the terpene limonene. The citrus comes through strongly in the flavour too along with overtones of vanilla; getting sweeter as it is smoked. 

Passion #1 Effects

Unusual for an indica-dominant strain; the first, hard and fast-acting effects of Passion #1 will be cerebral and uplifting: strong, and exciting. As it settles, a deep, pleasurable, stoned effect is likely to leave you feeling relaxed and contented. Be aware this will get heavier the more you smoke, at which point, couch-lock is a guarantee.

Medical Benefits Passion #1

Due to the good mix of sativa and indica effects, Passion #1 has a variety of things to offer medical users. She should make you feel happy and not too sedated, whilst still offering the
benefits of a good strong indica. If you are looking to relieve conditions such as chronic pain, spasms, or appetite loss she may well be able to help you.

How to Grow Passion #1

A prized variety among growers the world over. Passion #1 is a strong, high yielding outdoor variety that is available in feminized seed form. A stable and reliable phenotype this strain can reach astronomical heights (up to 3.5 meters) in just 6 weeks under optimal conditions. This prize winner grows very long, resinous colas and Dutch Passion recommends only removing the largest leaves during growing, leaving smaller ones which will also be covered in fine, hairy trichomes and can be great for edibles and extracts.