Buy Cannalope Haze strain seeds

Haze Brothers Haze x Mexican landrace

by DNA Genetics

Cannalope Haze is like being on a long summer vacation in the Bahamas. But not the lounging around in a beach chair kind – DNA Genetic’s tropical flavored sativa revives and energizes.

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Cannalope Haze Strain Genetics

Cannalope Haze by DNA Genetics is an almost pure sativa strain. This strain is the result of crossing a Haze Brothers Haze and a Mexican landrace sativa.

Cannalope Haze Strain Terpene Profile

The sweet fruitiness of Cannalope Haze is one of its best and well-loved features. The floral, pinewood and citrus essence of Haze is accompanied by a blessed combo of melon and lime. A true tropical treat.

Cannalope Haze Strain Effects

Cannalope Haze has a buzzing high. The strain’s high THC level and Haze characteristics bring an energetic and uplifting ‘get-up-and-go’ rush. This head-focused effect makes this mood-lifting sativa best enjoyed in the day.

Medical Benefits Cannalope Haze Strain

Medically Cannalope Haze is best used to combat fatigue, stress and loss of appetite. This strain may also help to reduce feelings of depression and behavioral issues like ADHD or OCD.

How to Grow Cannalope Haze Seeds

The only real downside of Cannalope Haze is how difficult it is to cultivate. It will take an experienced grower to bring this strain to its full potential.

Cannalope Haze likes warm and long summers, so most European growers will want to cultivate it indoors. If that’s the plan, use the SOG method. Done correctly, growers can expect a very decent yield of beautiful white furry buds with long brown-orange calyx.