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Las Vegas Lemon Skunk x Zkittles

by Dutch Passion

From Dutch Passion, Lemon Zkittle is the genetic offspring of Lemon Skunk and Zkittles; Great American genetics which together produce a balanced sativa-dominant hybrid, with a strong citrus taste and a hearty 20% THC.

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Lemon Zkittle Strain Genetics

The combination of Lemon Skunk (which includes Las Vegas Lemon Skunk) and  Zkittles (this has Grape Ape and Grapefruit in the mix), has produced a strong and fruity little baby – Lemon Zkittle. Stress resistant and easy to grow this newly introduced strain is bound to be popular with sativa lovers for years to come.

Lemon Zkittle Strain Terpene Profile

Obviously, you´re going to get lots of lemon flavour and with the presence of limonene, Lemon Zkittle provides a delightfully tangy, citrusy flavour and aroma. 

Lemon Zkittle Effects

Especially bred with potency in mind, Lemon Zkittle turned out to be one of Dutch Passion´s most potent creations to date, boasting THC ratios in excess of 20%.

With a recognizable, classic-sativa effect Lemon Zkittle will have you soaring high. This is a good strain for sharing preferably with connaisseur friends who will truly appreciate her all-star potential. 

Lemon Zkittle Strain Medical Benefits

Like other sativa-dominant, high THC strains,  Lemon Zkittle may provide the most assistance to medical users looking to relieve the symptoms of headaches, fatigue or acute pain. 

How to Grow Lemon Zkittle Strain

Available in feminised seeds, growing Lemon Zkittle should be as easy as stealing candy from a baby. She’ll shoot up quickly but even out at a comfortable medium height. As she does she’ll be developing that long, leggy sativa look; branches will be well spaced out, and she’ll have large and very frosty colas. Give her support if they get very heavy.

After nine weeks she should be ripening and given ideal conditions she can produce a massive yield of strong and resinous bud. Good for both indoor and outdoor grows, various grow mediums and methods, beginners and experienced gardeners alike.