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Thai x Afghani Indica

by Sensi Seeds

Fruity Juice is Sensi Seeds’ hybridization of two landrace strains that stand on opposite sides of the indica/sativa spectrum, with a surprisingly tropical end result.

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Fruity Juice Strain Genetics

With the combination of the Thai landrace sativa and the Afghani Indica cultivar, Sensi Seeds created a tropical 55/45 % sativa hybrid that represents the opposite ends of the psychoactive cannabis spectrum.

Fruity Juice Strain Terpene Profile

The blending of these ”polar opposite” cultivars resulted in a unique, exquisite bouquet of tangy fruity flavours that are reminiscent of a hash oil-spiked tropical fruit punch with a zesty citrus finish

Fruity Juice Strain Effects

The effects of this Fruity Juice hybrid provide a soaring, uplifting and euphoric head rush coupled with a mellow, relaxing body-stoned sensation that will last for several blissful hours.

Medical Benefits Fruity Juice Strain

The indica component of Fruity Juice eases muscles aches, alleviates headaches, sore neck, and joint pain. Fruity Juice also works wonders for sleepless nights. Meanwhile, the sativa component plays its part in a mood-enhancing way, to combat stress and depression.

How to Grow Fruity Juice Strain

Even though Fruity Juice will only reach its full potential and yield when grown outdoors in warmer climates, it is still suited for indoor cultivation as long as you keep a close eye on its tendency to grow fairly tall. When cultivating this hybrid indoors, you will have to top and train the plant to create an even canopy. Besides that, the only thing Fruity Juice needs to produce its beautiful, elongated, slightly amber and purple coloured buds is a regular feeding schedule.