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Purple Kush x Mazar I Sharif x AK-49

by Vision Seeds

One of the brightest stars in our collection, Dark Star x AK-49 is a powerful indica-dominant hybrid strain courtesy of the Dutch seed bank Vision Seeds, a cosmic blend of two popular cannabis strains, Dark Star and AK-49. Vision Seeds offer the impressive Dark Star x AK-49 in the form of easy to grow feminised seeds

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Dark Star x AK-49 Strain Genetics

This interstellar strain is exactly as the name suggests with the Dutch seed bank Vision Seeds cleverly blending the DNA genetics of Dark Star, a potent hybrid of Purple Kush and Mazar-i-Sharif and AK-49, an enhanced strain of cannabis cup winner AK-47.

Despite having both sativa and indica strains in its genetics, Dark Star x AK-49 appears to offer more in the way indica dominant effects.

Dark Star x AK-49 Strain Terpene Profile

Although the terpene analysis for Dark Star x AK-49 is still being conducted, we can fill in the gaps by looking at the strain’s genetic parents. This Indica-dominant strain has a delightfully earthy, woody taste to it with sweet undertones.

As such, we can safely assume the presence of woody humulene and the sweet, earthy musk of myrcene because of the strain’s Dark Star lineage. Also likely is a mood-boosting twist of limonene to freshen up those earthy flavours, adding a citrusy punch while caryophyllene rounds things off with a peppery spice finish.

Dark Star x AK-49 Strain Effects

Dark Star x AK-49 is a strong indica-dominant strain with a high THC content (between 15 and 20%). A high that is both joyful and uplifting but at the same time, very relaxing can be expected.

A Dark Star x AK-49 experience is the perfect way to de-stress at any time of day and boost your mood but ideal for a relaxing evening in front of the T.V.

Medical Benefits Dark Star x AK-49 Strain

The cannabinoid and terpene content of Dark Star x AK-49 could potentially have a variety of therapeutic benefits. This cannabis strain is abundant in the cannabinoid THC, which is believed to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties making it potentially effective for pain relief, with the proper dosage.

Along with the terpene myrcene, this indica-dominant strain also has potential as a sedative and muscle-relaxer to help with insomnia.

Also present is humulene, which is believed to be anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, while caryophyllene, as well as having anti-inflammatory and analgesic potential, is said to be an effective mood booster.

How to Grow Dark Star x AK-49 Seeds

Dark Star x AK-49 is considered a high yielding cannabis seed with a relatively short flowering time (between 8 to 10 weeks).

Growing Dark Star x AK-49 cannabis seeds is relatively easy as this is not the fussiest of plants. Beginners will find growing these feminised cannabis seeds a piece of cake as they can be grown both indoors and outdoors and can be raised in soil or hydroponics.

Reaching an average height, the feminised seed of Dark Star x AK-49 produces a compact and attractive plant that adapts well to different environments and produces beautiful green and blue coloured buds, densely packed and coated with aromatic resin.