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Jack Herer x Super Skunk x Big Skunk Korean

by Soma Seeds

Somango is a 75% indica dominant with an uplifting sativa effect. Created by Soma Sacred Seeds, this hybrid boasts exotic flavours and generous yields. A medium-sized strain that’s easy to maintain.

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Somango Genetics

Somango was originally developed by Soma Sacred Seeds. A cross between the legendary hybrid Jack Herer, Super Skunk, and Big Skunk Korean. Although a predominantly indica strain, the sativa element allows for effects of euphoria and creativity.

Somango Effects

Somango delivers a euphoric uplifting high, despite its predominantly indica genetics. These energizing, inspiring effects allow creativity to flourish. Combining focus and euphoria, Somango brings on a unique ‘seize the day’ mentality.

Somango Terpene Profile

Through its scent and taste, it is immediately apparent how this strain got its name. Somango has a strong fruity and sweet aroma, the abundance in Myrcene which makes way for an earthier depth once flowers are ground. This combination contributes to an overall flowery flavour with a pronounced fruity aftertaste.

Medical Benefits Somango

Users report consuming Somango to relieve them from nausea and headaches. Its anti-inflammatory properties help in soothing pain. At the same time, it contains enough of sativa characteristics in it to release feelings of euphoria, and for this reason, users report to have used it to reduce their stress levels.

How to Grow Somango from seed

Somango is able to adapt perfectly to either indoor or outdoor conditions. It is relatively medium height when planted indoors, makes it ideal for rooms with a low ceiling. Somango is considerably easy to grow and maintain. Some report high yields indoors, making it a great value for space strain. When grown outdoors, you can expect to harvest Somango in late September – early October.