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Shiva Skunk x Northern Lights #5

by Guru Seeds

Jack Herer is a celebrated hybrid strain that is undoubtedly one of the most famous cannabis strains available today. Named after the marijuana activist and author of the Emperor Wears No Clothes, this particular breed of Jack Herer cannabis seeds comes from our very own Guru Seeds range.

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Jack Herer Strain Genetics 

Jack Herer is a herbal love letter to cannabis. A reasonably high THC level marijuana strain, this wonderful ever so slightly sativa seed is the combination of the legends Shiva Skunk and Northern Lights #5. The end product is a wonderfully fruity cannabis sativa dominant cannabis strain that comes with a wonderful pine infused aroma and flavour. 

When Jack Herer flowers are at their heavy yielding finest, trichomes are so abundant that it can appear to be almost sugar-frosted thanks to its coating of fine, beautiful crystals. 

An uplifting, energising hybrid cannabis strain, Jack Herer is known to improve focus and clarity and as such, is also a popular form of medical cannabis. Jack Herer is also the proud parent of two increasingly popular strains in the shape of Kahuna and Spicy Disco.

Jack Herer Strain Terpene Profile

The genetic profile of this cannabis cup winning high yielding seeds ensures this strain comes from good stock, and the terpene profile backs this up, offering numerous potential health benefits.

Terpinolene is predominant here, responsible for the fruity, herbal flavour while terpinolene, also present in this sativa and indica hybrid strain is also said to be effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety, panic attacks, and insomnia. 

Caryophyllene adds a little spicy kick while the presence of myrcene adds to that earthy flavour and aroma found in this famed marijuana strain, while also acting as a regulator, thus enhancing the medicinal benefits of the other terpenes.

Earthy, piney, and fruity, these terpenes create a wonderful mix when it comes to the effects, scent and flavour of these popular cannabis seeds. 

Jack Herer Strain Effects

When it comes to the overall effects of Jack Herer, the supposed “sativa lean” is marginal. Still, the sativa genetics (Haze) are more dominant than the indica strains in its heritage (Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk seeds).

An uplifting, energising hybrid cannabis strain, Jack Herer is known to improve focus and clarity and as such, is also a popular form of medical cannabis. Jack Herer has a high THC level (20%+) and a low CBD level (0-1%) and is considered an ideal choice for those looking to improve productivity. Expect an energised, borderline euphoric feeling to take hold fairly rapidly. 

The uplifting feeling is caused by the caryophyllene found in Jack´s terpene profile, while the relaxing effects of terpinolene ensure a balanced and soothing effect. 

A double-edged high can be expected from this cannabis strain – awakening the mind as well as giving a full-body buzz, which can make you feel turbo-charged and ready for just about anything. 

Jack Herer Strain Medical Benefits

The ability of Jack Herer to create happy, uplifted and energetic feelings make it no surprise that this predominantly sativa dominant cannabis strain is used as medical marijuana as it can help with mental health issues including anxiety, depression, and stress. 

With a reasonably high THC content, you should expect typical THC associated effects such as stress relief and increased creativity. Jack Herer seeds could also be beneficial for treating symptoms of pain and inflammation as both myrcene and caryophyllene are thought to offer pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. 

This pain-relieving potential is emboldened by myrcene which can enhance other terpenes and caryophyllene, which is known to bind to our bodies cannabinoid receptors and can help control pain amongst other bodily functions. Other functions affected by cannabinoid receptors include appetite, meaning these cup winners could also help with lack of appetite.

How to Grow Jack Herer Strain

When growing Jack Herer, remember this marijuana seed can lean towards the traits of either parent, so it’s not rare for some Jack Herer seeds to take on the recognised characteristics of indica strains, while others behave more like traditional sativa strains. 

Jack Herer cannabis seeds have a moderate difficulty level when it comes to growing, not least due to the plants’ preference for a warm, dry climate. Those in warmer Mediterranean climates are most likely to find these cannabis seeds to be heavy yielding and easy to grow outside. 

Those not blessed with a temperate climate are advised to cultivate the Jack Herer strain using SOG, SCROG, or hydroponic methods when growing as indoor marijuana seeds, to ensure a fruitful yield. Jack Herer seeds can grow to be rather tall, so it’s sensible to have lots of space, especially when growing indoors. 

Indoor growers following this growing guide should find Jack relatively easy to grow and expect the flowering time of these delightful high yielding seeds to be somewhere between 8 and 10 weeks.