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Northern Lights x Skunk

by Serious Seeds

Early Chronic meets Warlock: Double Dutch is a prize-winning indica dom hybrid (60/40) from Serious Seeds/Magus Genetics. It gives a great body high that still has some nice heady qualities and a good THC level of around 18%.

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Double Dutch Strain Genetics

Before 2000, Chronic was a straight mix of Northern Lights x Skunk. The recipe was added to with later breeding but Double Dutch has the classic qualities of her maternal grandparent. On Dad’s side of the family comes Warlock, known for its potency and wonderful fragrance. Both parents have heavy-hitting indica’s in their family tree.

Double Dutch Strain Effects

A big lift to kick you off, making you happy and uplifted is swiftly followed by lovely effects in the body, heading slowly down to utter laziness and potential couch-lock. Double Dutch combines some of the best effects of indica and sativa which has won her several awards. A good medicinal strain too.

Double Dutch Strain Terpene Profile

Double Dutch has a sweet and fruity terpene profile, with a dank underbelly. Double Dutch combines the best of her parents qualities being both full-bodied and fragrant in both scent and taste. Fruit and flowers, with a deep earthy finish.

Medical Benefits Double Dutch Strain

Moderately useful for medical users, those looking for a good but not overwhelming level of THC for instance, coming in at 18%. Double Dutch has nice sativa qualities like mood enhancement, fatigue reduction, and providing energy. Thus she may help with stress or lethargy. These effects give way to a deeply relaxing indica body high that can relax and ease aching muscles and symptoms of pain.

How to Grow Double Dutch Seeds

To begin with, Double Dutch shows up as an indica; all fat leaves, stable stems, and bushing out in all directions. Later, as she comes into flower, she produces sativa like buds. Lots of light will yield you huge, long colas. They can be so big in fact, that if you don’t give her enough support, Double Dutch may well topple over, or break under her own massive weight. Staking is, therefore, a must. One for serious growers, she performs well in all mediums.