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Afghani x Skunk #1

by Serious Seeds

Popular among medicinal users, Warlock is an indica-dominant strain that also brings some great sativa effects to the table. A Skunk #1 x Afghani cross, it has a mellow, stress-relieving high and a moderate THC level, up to 20%.

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Warlock Genetics

Skunk #1 is a 1970’s classic that has given rise to a wealth of Skunk crosses over the years; it has a rich heritage including Afghani, Acapulco and Columbian Gold. The other parent strain here is Afghani; another classic, heavy indica landrace that’s flavoursome and rich. Serious Seeds has adopted the Warlock genetics (originally created by Magus Genetics) and made it their own.

Warlock Terpene Profile

Warlock has a sweet-sour taste as well as an earthy aroma with a slight hint of berries, and it is known for being both fragrant and pungent.

Warlock Effects

Warlock is said to be a magic mix of an immediate sativa euphoria, that is reported to stimulate creativity. This sensation gives way to a heavy, blissed-out indica body high. She can give a heavy, couch-locked stoned, but is also relaxed and mellow, hence being popular amongst medical users. Keep well hydrated to avoid sore eyes or headaches when taking in high doses or if you’re new to strong strains.

Medical Benefits Warlock

Mellow and relaxing Warlock is good against stress but is also known to have a wonderful ability to give focus, it may therefore be beneficial to those with conditions such as ADD/ADHD. The heavy indica heritage of Warlock provides a strong body high that is deeply sedative. This can be very good for combatting physical pain and may make you sleepy, so is potentially useful for insomnia sufferers.

How to Grow Warlock

Warlock is a sturdy, bushy little plant but as it flowers it stretches in a manner more like a sativa dominant than an indica dominant cannabis strain. She’s not too fussy and grows well indoors and outdoors, producing a high yield. Easy to manicure thanks to few leaves and massive colas, she has lots of white pistils that turn pink or brown-gold when ripe. The bud, when harvested is dank, sticky and covered in frost. A good choice for gardeners that are just starting out.