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Juanita La Lagrimosa x Cheese x Ruderalis

by Royal Queen Seeds

Thanks to Royal Queen Seeds, the benefits of CBD strains like Fast Eddy are accessible to all. Light in its effect, broad in its medicinal applications and quick and easy-to-grow – everybody wins.

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Fast Eddy CBD Strain Genetics

By combining the CBD richness of Juanita la Lagrimosa, the irresistible pungency of Cheese and a touch of Ruderalis flowering-reliability, Royal Queen Seeds has been able to create a CBD strain of new proportions. With the sativa heritage only slightly outweighing the indica, this hybrid strain manages to balance the therapeutic elements of an indica and the focus and clarity of a sativa.

Fast Eddy CBD Strain Terpene Profile

Considering this strains heritage, it’s unsurprising that the flavour profile is full and pungent. Light up and experience a fresh citrus zesty-ness battle with a heavier cheesy skunk aroma – only to combine forces as some delightful dynamic duo.

Fast Eddy CBD Strain Effects

The high CBD (9%) levels in this strain outweigh the low levels of THC (9%) ensuring you will enjoy a relatively light and clear-headed high. So, no need to worry about mounting to-do lists; you can have your cake and eat it too. (Or rather, you can enjoy your high and cross off your to-dos).

Medical Benefits Fast Eddy CBD Strain

The biggest attraction of this hybrid strain, however, goes beyond its flavour and effect to its wide-ranging therapeutic uses. Specifically developed by Royal Queen Seeds as one of their CBD strain collection, Fast Eddy’s has been found useful as an alternative pain-management tool.

Meanwhile, research continues to reveal promising results for the benefits of CBD for people suffering from conditions such as Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and epilepsy.

How to Grow Fast Eddy CBD Strain

Fast Eddy lives up to his name, growing at a rapidly rewarding rate. Typically, Eddy’s flowering time is complete within 8-9 weeks, leaving you with a high yield of CBD rich buds. While this strain can successfully grow outdoors in a climate with shorter, colder summers, rewarding yields are also achievable when cultivating indoors.

Better still, the Ruderalis component of Fast Eddy means this auto-flowering treasure will mostly take care of itself – perfect if you’re a beginner grower.