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Warlock x Super Skunk

by Rockwell Seeds

Warhammer is a potent, and memorable cannabis strain from the seeds bank Rockwell Seeds that certainly lives up to its epic name.  With a fast flowering time, this resistant and easy to grow, indica dominant hybrid is a strain hunters dream with THC content pushing a whopping 22%, making it one of Rockwell’s most potent varieties.

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Warhammer Genetics

With the THC content as high as Warhammer’s, you’d probably expect some heavy hitters in the DNA genetics of these cannabis seeds, and that’s precisely what you get with this Rockwell seeds creation, one of the highest THC cannabis varieties in their collection.

Warhammer cannabis seeds were created when seed breeders combined two famed high in THC strains Warlock and Super Skunk to produce this hard-hitting and delicious indica dominant force.

And It isn’t only the potency and the herby, floral flavour that has been passed down in its cannabis genetics; Warhammer also inherits the fast flowering time that makes Super Skunk (winner of multiple cannabis cups) so popular amongst commercial growers.

Warhammer Terpene Profile

This wonderful crossing of Super Skunk and Warlock has a classic terpene profile reminiscent of its legendary heritage, most notably containing caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene.

Caryophyllene, adds a touch of spice to the flavour and aroma of Warhammer, tickling on the exhale and lingering on the lips.  Limonene adds a fruity vibe to the taste of this hybrid with indica dominance, combining with the spice of caryophyllene for a marvellous cacophony of flavour.  Myrcene is also present and is responsible for that classic cannabis fragrance, so common in indica cannabis strains. 

Warhammer Effects 

With a high THC content (20%+), the effects of this indica dominant hybrid are as uplifting as they are relaxing. The potential anti-stress properties of the terpene profile combine to create a peaceful, cerebral buzz, and warm body stone.

Given its impressive potency and relaxing effects, this hybrid with indica dominance is best enjoyed in the evening or when you have a clear schedule ahead.

Warhammer Medical Benefits

The high THC content of Warhammer, combined with caryophyllene, both of which bind with cannabinoid receptors, means this potent crossing of Super Skunk and Warlock has the potential to provide pain-relief, making this an ideal choice of medical marijuana for those who experience chronic pain. 

Indeed, it is thought that the anti-inflammatory properties of myrcene and limonene, present in many medical strains, can provide serious relief for those with chronic pain-related conditions. The anti-stress potential of the terpene profile could also make it a highly effective choice for those with anxiety or stress-related conditions.

How to Grow Warhammer

Rockwell Seeds’ Warhammer is an easy to grow cannabis strain, offering a high yield and a fast flowering time, making this high THC strain especially popular with those who are less experienced with growing cannabis. 

This resistant and easy to grow cannabis plant which appreciates a diet of organic fertilisers to aid it’s impressively rapid growth is ideal for outdoor growth, with harvest time expected around the end of the summer. These impressive marijuana seeds can grow into very branchy cannabis plants, with bushy buds, so it is advisable to have a good amount of space if growing Rockwell seeds Warhammer indoors. 

When grown indoors, Rockwell seeds Warhammer feminised marijuana seeds will produce a high yield of dense, resinous buds, with a remarkably rapid flowering period of just 7 to 9 weeks, making it one of the faster flowering types on the market today.