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Charlotte’s Web x Chocolate Tonic

by Purple Caper Seeds

Marrying two powerful CBD-dominant strains and designed with medical marijuana patients in mind, Tonic’s Web is a slightly indica-dominant CBD phenotype from Purple Caper Seeds with powerful painkilling properties and unrivalled restorative effects.


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Tonic’s Web Strain Genetics

Part of Purple Caper’s Gold Line, Tonic’s Web lineage combines genetics from two cannabidiol-rich cultivars, making it one of the stronger medical cannabis strains available. A medically potent mix that’s perfect for painkilling, but with a gentle psychoactive kick for good measure, this curative cannabis plant is now available from MGS as regular seeds.

Made famous on CNN for its seizure-stopping potential, Charlotte’s Web is a hemp-derived cultivar designed by the Colorado-based Stanley Brothers as a non-intoxicating natural alternative to Western medicine, with a CBD ratio three times that of a recreational strain. This noteworthy creation has been matched with Chocolate Tonic – Purple Caper’s own cup-winning blend of Cannatonic and Chocolate Kush- giving Tonic’s Web cannabis seeds a mild narcotic effect in addition to its healing powers.

Tonic’s Web Strain Terpene Profile

Chocolate Kush is especially influential on Tonic’s Web flavour profile. Sensitive palettes may notice an underlying grassy taste and skunk accents that point to Charlotte’s Web hemp content, but rich cocoa, pine, fruity flavours are the most dominant, with undertones of sweet citrus and black coffee cutting through on the exhale.

Myrcene, caryophyllene and alpha-pinene make up Tonic’s Web dominant terpenes. Though these compounds’ medical potential is not fully understood by science, studies have shown that each has its own unique influence on the human body, helping to intensify the overall effect of these photoperiod seeds. 

Tonic’s Web Strain Effects

As it was never designed as a recreational strain, Tonic’s Web’s effects are mild and can be enjoyed throughout the day. Its hybridised nature means the strain does exhibit some psychoactive power, resulting in a tingling sensation in the body and a deep sense of relaxation but without the heady sativa-typical high.

Tonic’s Web THC levels are low, averaging at about 5%, but some users have reported experiencing couchlock or unwanted sedative effects when under the influence of this slightly indica-dominant strain. However, overall this is a great phenotype for patients who’ve had bad experiences with high THC strains and value cannabis for its curative benefits over recreational enjoyment. 

Tonic’s Web strain Medical Benefits

Prized for its low THC content and staggeringly high CBD levels – which can range from 12-20% – Tonic’s Web is one of the most medically useful marijuana strains currently on the market. Tonic’s Web medical benefits were designed for cancer patients and to help manage seizures. Still, pain-relief is this pheno’s primary wheelhouse, and its powerful analgesic influence can lessen physical discomfort and chronic pain more effectively than many prescription medications. 

Tonic’s Web medical seeds also contain low levels of CBN, CBG, and CBC. These lesser-known cannabinoids have also shown plenty of promise, working together with terpenes via the entourage effect to produce powerful therapeutic results that are revolutionising modern pharmacology

How to Grow Tonic’s Web Strain

Great for beginners and budding herbalists hoping to start their own home garden, growing Tonic’s Web seeds is a problem-free process from start to finish. Though not yet available in a feminised variety, the Purple Caper seed bank ensures all of their products are easy to cultivate, and this high-CBD strain produces excellent results in outdoor and greenhouse environments. 

Tonic’s Web flowering time is 10 weeks from germination, and its minty green buds feature beautiful amber hues, fine orange hairs, and resinous trichomes aplenty. Similar to Charlotte’s Web, this plant is perfect for making RSO and cannabis extracts, and growers wanting to make the best use of its medicinal potency should definitely consider this option.