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What are CBD tinctures?

Only a few short years ago, it would have seemed improbable to suggest that an industrial hemp derivative could become the number 1 selling dietary supplement in 2019. But that’s exactly where CBD now finds itself.

What is even more interesting is that even though CBD hemp oil has only recently come on our radar, the relaxing and calming effects of CBD were being used way back in the 1980s. This remarkable compound is causing an uproar because of its therapeutic properties that have made it the latest trending ingredient of 2019.

The rising demand hasn’t gone unnoticed by manufacturing brands. They have all launched a plethora of products that includes CBD pastes, CBD oil capsules, CBD tinctures or even CBD bath salts!

With an active shift in the interest of people to try organic and pure products, CBD tinctures have turned into one of the most popular CBD products. Read on as we discuss the tincture and its benefits in more detail below.

Beginners Guide to CBD: Origin

Cannabis has been used for its medicinal and holistic effects from centuries ago. It is only logical for the natural characteristics of the element to reflect in its derivatives.

First discovered by Dr Roger Adams along with his talented team at the University of Illinois in 1940, CBD or Cannabidiol was still surrounded by obscurity in terms of its structure. It was only after 1962 that more research was made available.

Currently, people want to avail the benefits of CBD for its anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, and analgesic properties that has the potential to prevent any disease.

What are CBD Tinctures?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a tincture is a “solution of a medicinal substance in an alcoholic solvent” which is quite apt.

A CBD tincture is available in liquid form and boasts of a very potent cannabidiol profile. The creation process is a bit time consuming but simple.

CBD-rich hemp flowers are steeped in high-proof alcohol and then subjected to low heat for multiple hours. This low heat acts as a purifier for the alcohol that gives a concentrated extract in the end.

We would also like to point out that there is a difference between CBD tinctures and cannabis tinctures. The latter contains a Full Spectrum CBD oil of cannabinoids with higher THC whereas, the CBD tincture contains more CBD content and hemp extracts.

Most of the time to increase the potency and effects of CBD tinctures, brands make sure that the tincture liquid contains terpenes, which can also add flavour aroma. Myrcene can be used to lower high levels of anxiety, whereas a limonene-rich profile can act as a mood enhancer.

Do CBD Oil Tinctures Exist?

There is a common misconception that CBD tinctures and CBD oil are the same. However, in reality, that isn’t the case.

CBD tinctures are made after soaking CBD flowers and herbs in alcohol. On the other hand, when the CBD chemical is added to carrier oils such as hempseed oil or coconut oil (MCT oil) in varying amounts, we get CBD oil. So, even with similar packaging, CBD tincture and CBD oil extract are different from one another.

To conclude, CBD oil tinctures aren’t really a thing.

The Different Ways of Using CBD Tinctures

Usually, CBD tinctures are consumed by following the sublingual method or the buccal method.

When you consume it sublingually, you place a few drops of the tincture liquid under your tongue. Under the buccal method though, you place the liquid along your gums and inside of your cheeks. The above-mentioned areas are rich in capillaries that facilitate the quicker absorption of CBD in the bloodstream.

CBD hemp tinctures, in general, have a strong taste, which understandably isn’t preferable for some people. Keeping this in mind, CBD manufacturers are adding natural flavouring to overcome its natural taste.

You can also add the CBD isolate or Broad Spectrum CBD tinctures to your food items or beverages. This will help to increase the nutritional intake making it healthier without any risk of added calories.

If you are interested in CBD for pets, there are CBD pet tinctures available as well.

No matter the method of intake you choose, CBD hemp tinctures will surely help you reduce symptoms of various health conditions. You can use the product to reduce pain and muscle soreness, improve sleep, and chronic pain and stress relief.

Why You Should Choose CBD Tinctures?

Choosing the correct CBD product can be a bit intimidating due to the variety available in the market. Still, CBD thing just might just be your best option. Here are the reasons why choosing tinctures over other products would be wiser:

Administered Dosage

In the case of CBD, the optimal dosage has a vital role in mental and physical health maintenance. Since tinctures generally come with a 1ml dropper, you have an idea of the serving size.

Fast-acting and Discreet Application 

After placing a few drops in capillary-rich areas, the relief sensations become activated within 15 minutes or so. CBD topicals like CBD salves, for example, take longer time to work.

Also, tincture bottles have a compact design which makes it fit easily into your pocket or purse.

Higher Bioavailability

When you consume CBD via tinctures, you get to enjoy higher bioavailability. Since CBD is straightaway absorbed into the blood of the user after use, the first-pass metabolism is eliminated. This, in turn, a greater amount of the CBD chemical available to your body.


One of the biggest advantages of CBD tinctures over other CBD hemp products like edibles is the lower calorie intake. Edibles are basically candies like CBD capsules, CBD gummies, et cetera while tinctures are concentrated extracts.

No Harsh Effect on Lungs

Since you have to ingest the chemical, there is a harsh effect which is one problem when you use CBD vape.

Longer Shelf Life

The majority of the CBD products available in the market aren’t long-lasting. This isn’t a problem in the case of tinctures as it has a longer shelf life. The only care you need to take is to keep the extract tincture in a cool, dark place.

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