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The Top 10 Hottest CBD Strains of 2019

The best medicinal high-CBD strains on today’s market.

By Mell Green

Like tug of war, the pressures of life along with social media seem to pull our attention every which way and can cause considerable physical and mental exhaust. To remedy this, many consumers have found relief using tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). However, when trying to keep focused and calm in these moments, THC can be a bit bothersome, especially at high levels. Thankfully, a little, or rather, a lot of CBD in the mix may be able to help to balance this out.

As they contain powerful anxiolytic properties and lack the psychoactive effects often associated with THC, high-CBD cannabis strains are great for a range of conditions. Yes, there are a ton of CBD products such as oils, capsules, etc. available, but there are times when us smokers just want to toke some herb.

The effectiveness of high-CBD strains

Unlike CBD, THC acts as an agonist at CB1 receptors to produce full-blown psychoactive effects, which is what causes a high. However, in the right ratios, THC and CBD can be quite the power couple. When mixed, THC works synergistically with CBD to maximize your medicine, making it even more effective at relieving physical and mental pains and anxieties. In no particular order, here’s a list of 2019’s hottest upcoming CBD cannabis strains.

  1. Charlotte’s Angel

The high medicinal potency truly shines in this indica-dominant strain. Charlotte’s Angel has proven itself to be successful at helping with epileptic seizures, as well as muscle spasms, fatigue, and anxiety, so that consumers can kiss their mental and physical pains goodbye. The low dose of THC in this highly medicinal strain delivers little to no psychoactive effects, which makes it an excellent medication for those who want to avoid getting high. Even for non-medicinal consumers, Charlotte’s Angel herb will come in handy in any situation.

  1. CBD Critical Cure

Crossed between Shanti Baba’s CBD Enhanced Strain and Critical Kush, CBD Critical Cure is a spectacular piece of herb with an aim for CBD levels to exceed those of THC. It was made with a fairly even CBD to THC 2:1 ratio, containing around 10% CBD and about half of that for THC. The indica influence is felt in this strain and gives rise to deep sedation and relaxing effects, which can be useful for those finding difficulty relaxing after a long day. After lighting up, it’s possible to experience subtle psychoactivity, yet never overwhelming. Nonetheless, consumers who get the chance to toke this indica-dominant herb, will find it highly medicinal.

  1. Cannatonic

You may or may not know what to expect when smoking this strain. Although not as fierce as its name implies, Cannatonic is a cross between some heavy-hitting indicas — MK Ultra and G13. It features low THC content and high CBD content, delivering around 17% CBD and 6% THC. Like most CBD strains, this cerebral cannabis is first-rate for those looking for pain relief and help reducing inflammation. Cannatonic delivers one stress-relieving cloud that promotes a deeply soothing relaxation that won’t seriously affect your physical or mental, making it suitable for any time of day use.

  1. Harle-Tsu

Harle-Tsu is a low-THC and high-CBD cannabis strain that contains zero psychoactive effects. As the name suggests, it was crossed between Sour Tsunami and Harlequin — two strains that have made quite a name for themselves. Harle-Tsu is known for its extremely high levels of CBD, which is often found at rates far higher than that of THC, 20 times higher to be exact. As such, this cannabis strain just keeps on giving, producing relaxed feelings that melt away stress without impairing cognitive function. People often report that they feel a decrease in their stress levels and feel uplifted after smoking.

  1. ACDC

Featuring a CBD to THC ratio of 20:1, ACDC is another bud featuring an insane CBD to THC ratio and might be one of the highest CBD strains around. This sativa-dominant is a derivative of Cannatonic and therapeutically speaking, those suffering from anxiety or mood issues might find some relief after a few puffs. The CBD levels in this strain are as high as 19%, with little THC included, so psychoactive effects are barely felt. Instead, it may induce feelings of great euphoria, mental clarity, and focus — all of which will put you in a state of tranquility.

  1. Sour Tsunami

Considered a 1:1 strain, Sour Tsunami cannabis contains a relatively even ratio of THC and CBD. It was crossed between Sour Diesel and New York Sour Diesel and specifically bred for its high CBD content. The CBD in this bud may be a little higher than the THC, usually testing an average of around 11%, with 10% THC. This herb is effective at treating pain and can be useful for a range of mood disorders, because of its moderate levels of THC. After consuming, Sour Tsunami provides a balanced clear-headedness and pleasant sensations of bliss, so it’s no question why this bud is popular among medical cannabis consumers.

  1. Harlequin

Mixed with Nepalese Colombian, Swiss, and Thai landrace strains, this sativa-dominant has an international heritage and provides a kind of effect that increases alertness coupled with mild euphoria. Harlequin was bred with a 5:2 CBD to THC ratio and given its low THC content, it won’t have you soaring into the clouds with psychoactivity. Instead, this strain provides a slight energized experience that feels more focused than sedating. Following consumption, consumers will find themselves feeling real chill, but attentive.

  1. Canna-Tsu

Nearly the identical twin of Harle-Tsu, Canna-Tsu was bred with a mix of Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami. Unlike Harle-Tsu, this bud is made with even CBD to THC levels, which may produce subtle psychoactive effects. However, saying Canna-Tsu produces a “high” would be an stretch. This earthy bud is both calming and uplifting and produces an alert sensation that makes consumers feel serene and able to zero in. The herbal magic of Canna-Tsu also provides anti-inflammatory benefits, too. Talk about a win-win.

  1. Ringo’s Gift

Like most CBD strains out there, Ringo’s Gift was bred with an average ratio of 24:1 CBD and THC. Both cannabinoids in this sativa-dominant bud have amazing anxiety-relieving properties, but the THC in this bud tends to deliver nearly 0.5 to 1%. Such proportion allows consumers to remain fully functional during daytime tasks, without getting too lifted in the process. Being crossed between Harle-Tsu and ACDC, this strain will induce a vibrant focus and surge of energy, excellent for social gatherings and events. Especially for those who experience social anxiety.

  1. Stephen Hawking Kush

Like most Kush cannabis strains, Stephen Hawking Kush cannabis delivers a good amount of CBD and tends to induce heady effects. Named after the famed British  theoretical physicist Dr. Hawkings, this flower was crossed with Harle-Tsu and Sin City Kush, which, in their own right, are some pretty dynamic CBD-rich cannabis strains . Stephen Hawking Kush is an evenly-balanced nug that features THC levels ranging from 5 to 10%. As far as CBD goes, it produces similar percentages. Like many CBD strains, this Kush cannabis provides a blissful and mellow sensation. After a few tokes, consumers will feel relief from uncomfortable symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress.

Let CBD take the main stage this year

In most any product, typically, the higher the CBD, the less noticeable the effects of THC will be. Now that you’re acquainted, we have several tried and true classic CBD strains in our shop, like Stress Killer or Medicinal Mass for a relaxing, enjoyable smoker’s experience without the psychoactivity.

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