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Girl Scout Cookies x Tangie

by Oni Seed co

A delightful sativa-dominant hybrid, Tropicana Cookies cannabis seeds are the spawn of two cannabis legends –  Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie. The result of their wonderful bonding is a deliciously sweet sativa hybrid strain that provides a focused and clear-headed high as well as a rapid boost of energy. 

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Tropicana Cookies Strain Genetics 

Brought to you by the seeds bank, Oni Seed Company Tropicana Cookies is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that was crafted by a potent crossing of the popular Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie. Tangie, itself is the offspring of the legendary California Orange strain. 

Tropicana Cookies Strain Terpene Profile

With the presence of limonene, caryophyllene and linalool, Tropicana Cookies boasts an exciting terpene profile that ensures its remarkably fruity and sweet flavour and aroma, somewhat reminiscent of the California Orange present in its genetic profile.  

Like all good cookies strains, Tropicana Cookies flavours are smooth and combine pleasantly to produce a complex flavour and aroma profile that delightfully serves any keen cannaisseur’s palate.

Powerful tangerine and citrus notes are backed up by a deliciously smooth girl scout cookie flavour.

Tropicana Cookies Strain Effects

Due to its sativa-dominance, Tropicana Cookies invokes a long-lasting, invigorating high with psychedelic touches. As such, this is an ideal hybrid strain for a daytime boost to both energy and creativity. 

Being a relatively high THC strain (pushing 20%), Tropicana Cookies certainly pack something of a punch. Indeed, if you are new to the cannabis world, it is important to know your tolerance levels before you enjoy this potent strain from Oni Seed co.

Tropicana Cookies Medical Benefits

As a sativa dominant hybrid strain that is high in THC, Tropicana Cookies is reportedly effective in treating conditions of the mind, most notably, stress, anxiety and depression.

The presence of notable stress killers linalool and limonene in Tropicana Cookies terpene profile backs up those claims with both recreational and medical marijuana consumers confirming this hybrid strain´s impressive ability to both ease and calm the mind.

How to Grow Tropicana Cookies Strain Seeds

As a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, Tropicana Cookies marijuana seeds are something of a slow starter and may require a little more TLC than other cannabis seeds but are certainly worth the extra attention.

These wonderful cannabis plants can be grown indoors and outdoors in either hydro or soil, (including outdoor SOG methods).

Experienced growers will be happy to learn that soil has the potential to bring out more of this purple strain´s remarkable tropical flavour.

The beauty of these cannabis seeds are apparent in the final weeks of its flowering cycle and finally finished, explode with large flowers and a forest of green and potently purple colour buds, coated in a thick frosty sheen of tiny white crystal trichomes.

So, relax and watch the magic happen, rest assured that you’ll be suitably rewarded with the Oni seed company Tropicana Cookies strain.