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California Orange x Skunk #1

by Reserva Privada

Tangie is a recreation of the popular 90’s strain Tangerine Dream, which was virtually unobtainable in seed form. Thank you, DNA Genetics, for bringing Tangie back to the masses.

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Tangie Genetics

DNA Genetics got the rare opportunity to clone the immensely popular but virtually unobtainable strain Tangerine Dream. DNA crossed the clone with California Orange and Skunk #1 to create the strain we now know as Tangie, which is now sold under the exclusive Reserva Privada product line by DNA Genetics.

Tangie Terpene Profile

Tangie has an overall orange flavoured theme to it. This is also reflected in the sweet and musky citrus aroma, which carries the earthy and herbal undertones of this strain.

Tangie Effects

As a sativa-dominant strain, Tangie goes well next to a glass of OJ or a cup of Joe in the morning. This strain provides you with energy, focus and an overall happy, euphoric high that is likely to last a while. Perfect for a productive day or an evening on the town with friends.

Medical Benefits Tangie

Stress, anxiety and depression reduction are the main medicinal properties of Tangie. Due to some indica traits in its heritage, it will also help with easing tension and pain in all areas of the body. Its main feature, however, is the amazing ability to get your head out of a funk and back into gear. 

How to Grow Tangie

To get the most pleasure out of the amazing orange aroma, Tangie should be grown on organic soil, preferably with a good helping of compost. If you don’t live in a warm and dry climate, you’re best of cultivating Tangie indoors, using SCROG or SOG techniques to ensure a maximized harvest.