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OG Kush x Durban Poison

by Fast Buds

Girl Scout Cookies is well-known as one of the most potent cannabis strains on the market. While it’s not the easiest strain to grow, its strong and long-lasting effects are worth the extra attention.

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Girl Scout Cookies Strain Genetics

This West Coast strain has outgrown its Californian borders, becoming ever popular worldwide. The indica dominant hybrid is a cross between the legendary OG Kush and the South African landrace sativa Durban Poison. It originated in San Francisco’s Bay Area, where it rapidly grew from novelty hybrid to multiple Cup Winner, taking the international Cannabis world by storm.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Terpene Profile

Girl Scout Cookies has a very pungent, sweet, earthy aroma with a spicy edge to it. After breaking up the flower, there is a faint whiff of berries. When smoked or vaped, a dark nutty taste and a pinch of vanilla are noticeable on the exhale. A sweet treat reminiscent of choc fudge cookies.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Effects

The initial, extremely potent head-buzz that comes with Girl Scout Cookies feels like a euphoric cerebral explosion that slowly transforms into a blissful full body-relaxing blanket. The mind-calming, body-stoned effect lasts for a considerable long time. This is thanks to the very high THC content ranging from 22% to an incredibly high 28%. Less experienced consumers should enjoy GSC in moderation. Especially when not accustomed to its initial racing head-rush or the heavy couch-lock that follows.

Medical Benefits Girl Scout Cookies Strain

The well-balanced indica/sativa genetics of Girl Scout Cookies give it a wide range of medicinal potential. It can be used to calm the mind, soothing symptoms associated with a variety of mental health issues like anxiety, chronic stress or depression. Physically, this strain has the makings of a powerful analgesic, reported to relieve chronic pain like that with fibromyalgia, arthritis or recurring migraines.

How to Grow Girl Scout Cookies Strain

Girl Scout Cookies can be grown both indoors as well as outdoors. A Sea Of Green (SOG) method suits this strain. This is not an easy strain for beginner growers due to its low tolerance for stress. Keep this in mind when planning to top, prune or train this plant.