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Tropicanna Cookies F1 x Fire OG

by Oni Seed co

Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain, Hot Tropic, is a fruity, exotic masterpiece from Oni Seeds Co. The result of combining Fire OG with Tropicanna Cookies F1, these regular seeds hail from impressive genetic stock, offering users a fabulously potent, top-shelf hybrid strain.

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Hot Tropic Strain Genetics

Hot Tropic seeds are the lovechild of one cult classic, in the shape of the sativa-dominant Tropicanna Cookies F1 (TCF1), a Girl Scout Cookies relative, and the much-loved Fire OG, one of OG Kush’s most popular offspring at our vast seeds bank.

Not only does this genetic profile ensure an intriguing flavour, but this cannabis strain also enjoys the traits of the indica and sativa seed genetics in its herbal blood, with large plants, a fast flowering time, and a high yield of THC heavy (a little under 20%) potent flowers.

Hot Tropic Strain Terpene Profile

We are still collating the full terpene profile of Hot Tropic, but there are some things that we know as a result of both the genetics and the notable aromas and tastes of this Oni Seeds company strain.

The tropical citrus zestiness and fruity aroma that gives Hot Tropic seeds its name surely comes from the terpene limonene, which is dominant in both TCF1 and Fire OG. This terpene ensures an almost lemon pledge like scent and a tantalising tingle on the tongue on exhale.

Another terpene present in this cannabis strain is caryophyllene, a spicy terpene that creates a slightly peppery addition to this Oni Seed Co strain, especially to the flavour, providing a little extra tasty kick on the inhale.

Hot Tropic Strain Effects

The high THC content of this offshoot of the Girl Scout Cookies and Kush family trees has a buzz that does justice to the legendary strains in its genetics.

A potent, powerful punch comes quickly from this fast-acting and long-lasting cannabis strain, not entirely sticking you to the couch, but certainly sedating enough to make your sofa seem like a veritable paradise.

Despite the near knockout body buzz, there may actually be a little bit of energy involved here, mainly in a cerebral capacity. This allows creativity to flow and pretty much guarantees some interesting (and long) conversations which should be punctuated nicely with bouts of intense giggling.

Hot Tropic Strain Medical Benefits

If you´re interested in growing medical seeds, both of Hot Tropic’s parent strains are used regularly as medical cannabis strains to aid with mental health, and those genetics are worn proudly by this marijuana strain too.

The limonene present in this hybrid cannabis is thought to help with relieving the symptoms of stress, both in terms of duration and severity.

Additionally, the combinations of caryophyllene and THC, both of which bind to cannabinoid receptors in the body, are thought to aid mood control, giving this strain medical marijuana potential when it comes to helping the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

How to Grow Hot Tropic Strain Seeds

Hot Tropic regular cannabis seeds are not especially easy to grow but even less experienced growers can expect a reasonable yield from these plants.

The sativa dominance means these regular cannabis seeds can grow tall and leafy, so trimming on occasion is suggested, both for healthy growth, and to avoid your grow room being overtaken. These regular seeds don’t get too thirsty though and hate being over watered.

Similarly, outdoor growers will find the best results from these heat-tolerant seeds in greenhouses or dry climates when the grower can control watering.

If the right care is taken when cultivating these cannabis seeds, a fast flowering time can be expected, This Oni Seeds Co strain should provide a high yield of dense, resinous, potent flowers in around ten weeks indoors, and around Mid-October outdoors.