Buy Strawberry Banana Auto strain seeds

Banana Kush x Bubble Gum

by Fast Buds

Strawberry Banana Auto from Fastbuds is an autoflowering version of a high-quality indica leaning classic. This high THC level cannabis strain is easy to grow with a wonderful fruity flavour and a long-lasting buzz.  

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Strawberry Banana Auto Strain Genetics

Strawberry Banana cannabis seeds genetics are well known to cannaisseurs, a blend of Banana Kush (Ghost OG x Skunk x Haze) and the Strawberry pheno of Bubble Gum (Indiana Bubble Gum x Unknown Indica). To create these autoflowering seeds, Fastbuds have added a ruderalis to these Cali classics and driven up the potency through some clever breeding.

What you get is a 27% THC monster that blows the original Strawnana out of the water for potency while maintaining the intriguing and delightful blend of fruity flavours and aromas.

Strawberry Banana Auto Strain Terpene Profile

Fruity, sweet, with touches of earthy floral tones, the complex flavour profile of this marijuana strain is due to a rich terpene profile. The most dominant terp at play here is limonene, responsible for the strong fruit flavour, while caryophyllene takes away the usual sourness of that citrus-tinged terp, adding a peppery yet sweet touch to bring that banana and strawberry (go figure) taste to the fore.

That’s the inhale, on the exhale, things feel more old school thanks to a mix of the herbal terpene, myrcene, and linalool, which gives that strong floral bouquet that lingers in the room for a while after you’ve finished with this flavourful beast!

Strawberry Banana Auto Strain Effects

The word creeper is overused to describe cannabis strains, but it’s accurate with this high potency offering. After smoking Fastbuds Strawberry Banana Auto, you can sit back and enjoy what starts as a mild and relaxing head buzz but slowly turns into something else. An uplifting, euphoric sensation will gradually take over your mind, putting a smile on your face before you even notice.

An evening strain for all but the seasoned veteran, the potency will relax your body in a beautiful way, but also in a way that will make moving less than tempting! Put time aside to let all phases of this buzz wash over you because it’s a sensational sensory experience that should be enjoyed fully!

Strawberry Banana Auto Strain Medical Benefits

The heavy cannabinoid and terpene content of this strain gives definite medical marijuana potential, most notably in the reduction of chronic pain symptoms. Whenever such a high THC content is twinned with an abundance of caryophyllene, pain relief is possible. Both ingredients can bind to cannabinoid receptors in the body which may aid in reducing pain.

The connection between cannabinoids, terps, and the endocannabinoid system may also assist in increasing feelings of hunger (far beyond the munchies). This means this Strawberry Banana Auto cannabis strain may be a strong choice for those dealing with a loss of appetite for any reason.

How to Grow Strawberry Banana Auto Strain Seeds

A tall main cola, especially for an autoflowering strain, is one of the first things growers will notice as these plants start to grow. When grown indoors, these cannabis seeds can become small trees of some 150cms tall, with an indoor flowering time of approximately 10-11 weeks from germination.

Both indica and sativa traits result in relatively lengthy side branches covered in dense and heavy buds ensure a high indoor yield here, up to 600 gr/m2. Be aware these heavy buds can start to pull on the plant, so reinforcing with bamboo or something similar is advised. The weight is just part of the excitement with these stunning smelling nugs, which blend light greens with yellow-orange hairs under a coat of resinous trichomes.