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Banana Kush x Bubble Gum

by Big Head Seeds

Powerful in aroma and effect, Strawberry Banana is an easy to grow, indica leaning hybrid marijuana strain from the seed banks of Big Head Seeds with a moreish flavour profile that masks an intense cerebral hit.

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Strawberry Banana Genetics

Strawberry Banana feminised seeds have gained their impressive characteristics from two cannabis cups winners and polar-opposite cannabis seeds This combination offers a range of sensory benefits along with a fantastic and fruity flavour profile.

Banana Kush, the tropical offspring of the OG Kush marijuana seed, is a potent indica-dominant hybrid with a distinctive aroma and cerebral impact, both of which carry over to its descendant. 

The berry sweetness and numbing effects of this high THC strain are thanks to a special phenotype of our 2nd parent, famed cup winner, Bubble Gum. This hugely successful sativa-leaning cannabis strain pairs candy fruit flavours with a potent body buzz. 

Strawberry Banana Terpene Profile

Borrowing from each of its parent plants, Strawberry Banana feminized cannabis seeds have a unique terpene profile that’s rich in myrcene, limonene, and alpha-pinene compounds.

Characterised by the smell of ripe banana, similar tropical notes also dominate the flavour of this delicious dessert strain, with undertones of sweet hashish betraying its OG Kush roots.

A creamy aftertaste of berries, gained from West Coast cup-winner, Bubble Gum, lingers on the exhale, making this Strawberry pheno ideal for smokers with a sweeter palette. 

Strawberry Banana Effects

Celebrated or its remarkable flavours, this welcome addition to our seeds bank is also a potent cerebral stimulant with a mighty THC level of up to 25% providing users with a joyful burst of euphoria. 

With psychedelic effects that are known to heighten sensory perception, users may also find that sights and sounds are enhanced before a strong physical sensation of tranquillity takes hold. 

Perfect for getting creative juices flowing, due to this cannabis strain’s delayed onset and tendency to cause couchlock, Strawberry Banana is recommended for evening or nighttime use.

Strawberry Banana Medical Benefits

Looking to grow marijuana for medicinal purposes? Strawberry Banana feminised cannabis seeds come with many potential therapeutic gains for medical marijuana users.

The sedative effects of myrcene make them the perfect pain reliever and suitable for both chronic pain and moderate disorders. The strain’s sativa-leaning side can also be used to manage certain mental conditions while the high THC level could help those with a loss of appetite.

Furthermore, the uplifting and euphoric influence of limonene and alpha-pinene terpenes can offer temporary relief from anxiety and depression. Pinene is also known to counter the unwanted effects of THC by blocking acetylcholinesterase activity in the brain. This effect could help users of this high THC strain to retain memories more clearly.

How to Grow Strawberry Banana

A rapid, photoperiod flowering type that’s forgiving on those new to growing cannabis, Strawberry Banana feminized marijuana seeds are easy to grow in most conditions. However, a successful outdoor harvest will depend on high humidity and a stable daytime temperature. 

With a plant height approaching 2 metres, growers can expect crystal-coated cannabis plants with a flowering time of just nine weeks. An impressive yield of 450-550 g/m2 awaits from these grade A cup winner cannabis seeds. 

As a fantastic resin producer, this Strawberry pheno marijuana seed is great for concentrate creation, and there are already several examples on the market, many of them winners of multiple cannabis cups, to prove the point.  With this in mind, after picking, this delightful marijuana strain should be properly cured to preserve these valuable organic compounds.